Tuesday, April 23, 2013

{Blog Love} My Top Five Blog Posts of All Time

I was doing a bit of stats checking on my blog the other day and wondered what were my top five blog posts of all time.  Well, I was amazed at what came up!  I personally wouldn't have chosen these posts as personal favorites....maybe I can say only one is my favorite, the Princess and The Frog party for my daughter....for obvious reasons, but the rest, eh!  This is not to say that I think that all my posts's just that my blogging style has evolved in the past two years, and what I'm seeing below is not reflective of where I am at today....I guess that's sort of a good thing.  In any case, I figured I'd share my critique of the posts and find out if maybe you agree!

1.  This is the top post of them all.....the recap of my daughter's Princess and The Frog birthday party. I'm guessing Tiana and her Toad are still sorta popular among party themed celebrations!  I had no idea about taking photos or anything like that.....most of the pics are blurry!  LOL What I did know was how to make things look pretty....sorta :)  Pretty party for my pretty girl!

2.  Spiderman Party Recap - this was my first post EVER!  It was mainly to recap a birthday party I did with a Spiderman theme.....I was soooo overwhelmed and clueless about how to make the party fabulous that I just thought I'd gone crazy!  I am certain it's my wordiest post to date.  I do happen to like how the photos came out however, and was content with the set up of the party space - considering I'd just started party styling.  I'm guessing it's popular because most boys go through some super hero phase at some point in their young lives and parents need some good party ideas.  Also, I always get asked where I got those bags...... well, I made them myself....maybe I should do a tutorial in the future!

3. A couple years back I started playing with naming days of my posts and did one called Trendy Tuesday where I thought I'd share a new party trend every Tuesday.  Well, I kind of fell off posting new trends on Tuesdays and honestly, I can't even tell you best guess is that my real life took over and I just stopped it - although.....I still have Cupcake Monday, Pin-tastic Tuesday and Fab Friday.  In any case, this trend I was seeing with decorating with streamers led me to do a whole post dedicated to crepe paper!  Two years later I think the trend is in point.

4. Okay - so this post was a recap of a party thrown by my dear friends and takes the fourth spot on the list!  My friends Keri & Brian throw the bests parties for their girls and this cowgirl themed birthday party was just one of them.  This post also shares a giveaway winner announcement - if I were to write a similar post now, I would definitely note the winner in a separate post or at the end of the post.

5. For my '25th' birthday I created A midnight summer's dream inspiration board for a party I was planning for myself.  Being that my birthday falls in was a perfect theme right?  Well, the theme never came to fruition, but I did have a birthday celebration!  That's not the whole thing though, what's funnier about this particular post is that I added in a featured party from another party stylist.....Lord, work with me!  I really should have done a completely separate post, because her party was amazing!!! #hadnocluewhatiwasdoing :|

So, what do you think?  Good posts?  Horrible Posts?  EH????   I do have some faves that I might share in a later post, but overall, I think this just shows how far I've come and it kinda makes me proud!

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