Wednesday, April 17, 2013

{DIY Party Decor} Ruffled Paper Streamers

Ruffled Crepe Paper Streamers by

 I created this ruffled paper streamer backdrop for the dessert table for my daughter's Monster High Spa Party this past weekend.  I am so in love with the ruffles and frills that the backdrop is still hanging up!  I thought I'd share a quick tutorial with you on how I made, what I call, a 3-layer ruffled streamer.

First you will need crepe streamers, thread and a sewing machine. I used two different colors streamers, but you can certainly use three.  I got my streamers from the dollar store and they held up very well in the that how you say it??? 'In the machine'...I don't sew much....moving right along.....I measured out about 3.75 yards of the streamers.  This allowed me to work with the paper easier than working from the roll.

Next I overlapped my two 'base' streamers and then added a lighter color on top.

 Next, I  stitched down the center of the streamers, I didn't necessarily work in straight lines and allowed the machine to basically do all the work to gather the paper to create the ruffles.  I wanted them to look a touch uneven so, I wasn't worried about them looking too poor sewing skills definitely came  in handy!

This is what the finished streamers look like.

You can leave the streamers as is, or pinch along the top streamer to create a more dimensional look.

Create a whole bunch of them and mix them in with straight lengths of streamers to create a bold and eye-catching backdrop!!!!!!

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