Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday Inspiration: Midsummer Night's Dream Party

I love the tale of a Midsummer Night's, confusion, magic, lust (giggle), fairies, 'magic potions', donkeys, kings, queens, woodlands, waking up and thinking it was all a definitely has the elements of a wild and crazy party!

My birthday is right around the corner and I just thought it would be absolutely sinful - oooh - I mean delightful to invite a handful of gals over to sit on the deck, drink some magic potion and have a Midsummer Night's Dream Party!!! 

Here are some ideas I've pulled for inspiration:

I'm so excited to start working on this party - I will keep you posted on how everything is coming along.

Speaking of fairies and enchantment, I wanted  to share this party with you by Amanda Paker.  Amanda is a party gal after my own heart. She put so much time and creativity - and I know lotsa love - into this party for a special little girl and it absolutely shows. She handmade just about every decorative item...

Check out this fairy house centerpiece - she made this using driftwood and a turtle sandbox top - hello!

I must say I am absolutely in love with the mushroom grotto - which she fashioned out of  various items like tomato cages, megaphones, cocoa planter liners and cups!

....and the cupcakes (of course).

You can find out more about how she pulled everything together on her blog.

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