Wednesday, February 27, 2013

{Happy Customers} Little Kicker Football Themed Shower

I love when my customers share their photos of events they've used my printables for!  Leslie West of Leslie P Creations contacted me last fall to help her create custom printables for a football themed baby shower she was planning.

 Leslie used the party dots to personalize swirl pops and presented them in a glass dish with brown paper sizzle!  I also love all the little details like the brown satin bows and blinged out toppers.

The card box that Leslie made is just too cute for words!

 Here is what Leslie says about the baby shower:

This Football Baby Shower was for a good friend and her husband who are HUGE football fans.  The colors were decided by the Mom-to-Be and with that I knew that Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams would create the perfect printables.

The guests were greeted with a door sign and inside a baby shower banner.
Tissue pom-pom’s were hung from the ceiling.

The dessert table was filled with the Mom-to-Be’s favorite goodies.  I used the printable on the swirly pops and I even decorated a couple with bling and added them to vase.  A baby blanket was added and another banner. My favorite is the football sign on the dessert table.

The favor table was created with something sweet for the guests take as they leave and again.  I also made a card box, which came out nice!

I had a lot of fun creating this baby shower and I couldn’t have done without Keisha from Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams and the fabulous work of the photographer Naomi Waters of Reflective Image Photography.

Thank you, Leslie for the sharing these adorable photos with us!

These Little Kicker Football Baby Shower Printables are now available in my Etsy shop!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

{Friday Fun.....on Tuesday} FABruary Style Dare Week 3

Yes, I am writing my FABruary Style Dare review on a Tuesday.  I told ya, life got in the way last week and now I get to play catch up.  It is now  week 3 of Fox in Flats' FABruary Style Dare and even though my week was insane, I managed to get all but one of my challenges done....I didn't say on time, but they were done.

{Day 16 - Leggy} I couldn't think of one thing that I could use as leggy without being self conscious of my big ol' legs!  So, I figured, the best thing to do was to make it fun.  Me and The Mini Diva took this one together.  She has lot of cute socks, so I picked up a pair and took this picture with her......she mentioned to me that these socks were not very stylish!  LOL

{Day 17 - Laces} Another darn challenge involving my legs!!!  I didn't realize how self conscious I am about my legs until I started this challenge.  These magenta lace ups are probably one of the cutest pair of shoes I own....I wore these to two weddings a few years ago and they have been shelved ever since. 

{Day 18 - Bun} So, we're not gonna even go there after the last attempt at pulling together a quiff hair style,  I skipped this challenge altogether.

{Day 19 - Polka Dot} Here is a cute polka dot headband that I got on clearance a few weeks backs.  I was thinking of using it for a dare on another day, but changed my mind.  I am not sure how I feel about headbands on me....I think it makes me look to young - and not in a youthful way....more like, 'You're trying to hard, lady!, kinda way.

{Day 20 - Fragrance  Miss Dior - Cherie.....I love this perfume and the bottle too.  It's so girly!  I got this as a Christmas present a few years ago and I use it sparingly.  It smells just like Jasmin and oranges!

{Day 21 - Red} Red is my faaaaaavorite color.  So, this challenge made me very happy.  The top I am wearing is one of my favorite's reminds me of water color roses.

{Day 22 - Button Up} - Probably the easiest challenge yet!  I have loads of buttony clothes!  The jacket I am wearing fits weird though... :\

That is all for this week....and if you want to follow along with the challenge check it out on instagram #FABruary to see how some of the other ladies are stylin'  

If you are completely over my vanity, don't worry, this week is not as chaotic and we'll be hopping right back onto the party train tomorrow with a client featured football themed baby shower! Hooray!

Monday, February 25, 2013

{Party Recap} Oscars Popcorn Bar Fit for Kids and Adults

So, let me start this post out by saying, that as much as I would have loved to share ideas from this party shoot last week, my life kind of got in the way and I needed to handle a few personal things.  So, I do apologize for not sharing all the party prepping with you last week....but if you are following my instagram you got to catch sneak peeks of the party in progress.  That being said, I created a popcorn bar/mini concession stand for my Oscars viewing pleasure meaning, I got to enjoy watching the Oscars while my kids are preoccupied eating treats and watching Disney movies!

To start I created a banner for the background of the bar.  I used gold curling ribbon, tickets and printable flags to string against the back wall to create an eye-catching focal point.

 I knew I wasn't going to want to make a huge popcorn bar, so, I put freshly popped buttered popcorn into a medium size oval galvanized tub.  The popcorn boxes from my printable set were also pre-filled.

I thought adding mix-ins to the popcorn would be fun.  I set out Oreo cookies, M&M's, mini marshmallows and gummy bears.  The crushed Oreo cookies were a hit and NO ONE really enjoyed the gummy bears....strange combo.  I embellished the individual sections of this serving tray with glitter and added coordinating washi tape to the wooden spoons - it's little details :)

It is always good to have a child appropriate cocktail on hand for any kid-centered event.  This Golden Fizz Mocktini is my own creation....Tang, Cherry Syrup, a large can of Pineapple Juice and gingerale/Sprite....I do not have a recipe for this -  but it is delicious....promise.  Just follow your directions to make a large pitcher of Tang and toss in the rest of the ingredients to taste.  If you don't like Tang, you can try Sunny D or good old fashioned OJ!  If you want an adult version add some chilled vodka or gin!

I used left over curled ribbon to top off these wooden drink stirrers.

These golden cupcakes were very easy to make.  I used gold food color spray that I purchased from Michaels and spritzed the frosting to give the cupcakes a touch of gold shimmer.  I used the toppers from my printable set to create an Oscars version just for this party, but it comes with movie themed toppers.

Creating a popcorn bar or mini concession stand is also perfect for a movie night theme or slumber party like the one my client Natalie created for her son's video game sleepover!  Popcorn bars are a great alternative to a dessert table or candy buffet.  Here are a few popcorn bar ideas I found on Pinterest to give you a bit of inspiration.

 You can find the my Movie Night & Popcorn Bar printables used for this party in my Etsy shop.

Monday, February 18, 2013

{Cupcake Monday} Oscar Party Cupcake Toppers Featured on

I was so excited to see the Oscar Viewing Party I styled for MG Party Impressions featured on yesterday!

I thought sharing the photo of the cupcake toppers were perfect for this Cupcake Monday!  You can find the printables for this party in the Etsy shop.  Now, you know I love a good Oscars party so of course, I also will have another fun & easy Oscars themed event idea I'll be sharing this week. So, make sure you check back for some great ideas!

Friday, February 15, 2013

{Friday Fun} FABruary Style Dare Week 2

So, it is the 2nd week of Fox in Flats' FABruary Style Dare and I'm still all in.  Here's a recap of the items of the day and my thoughts on each!

{Day 9 - Killer Heels}  You know why they're killer heels.....because they kill my feet!!!!  I love these shoes, got em on clearance at Target and they're from the Isaac Mizrahi line.  I rarely wear them and the day that I had them on I immediately kicked them off and took this pic!

{Day 10 - Bright}  This is one of my favorite winter's neon yellow and grey!  You can't see how bright it is, the lighting was bad.

{Day 11 - Belted}  I snagged this powder blue trench off the back of my work buddy Jenna's coat hook!!!!  I borrow it from her sometimes to run out and grab a bite to it, cause it's so darn cute!  Since it matched the day's theme, I snapped this flick!

{Day 12 - Orange Lipstick}  Wasn't sure how this would work out, but I found a shade to match my skin tone perfectly!  I love how thin my face looks!!!!

{Day 13 - Flats}  I know it looks like I am light on my feet, but I am sitting on a brick wall, with my pants jacked up, on the side of a very busy street and my leg is covering a hole I put in my stockings while pulling them up!  Haha!!!!  I found these purple flats over the a beauty supply store for $10!!!!  I am a bargainista, for realz! Oh - and they fit my feet perfect.  Most flats look funny on my wide foot, but these actually are cut perfectly for me.

{Day 14 - Quiff}  Don't know what a quiff is????  I didn't either.  But it's a funky hairstyle that....doesn't ever seem to go out of style....see here, here, here and here.  Back-story to this picture:  I wear a wig. I have a thyroid condition and a jacked up bald spot in the middle of my head that a decent comb-over can't even hide.  So, I usually keep my own hair in it's pleasantly nappy, kinky, curly state, twisted up and in a bun.  So, to get this look, I had to untwist my hair, use a crap-load of product and flat iron it to death.  My natural hair doesn't like to be agitated.  I finally got the style that I liked....and before I could count to 10, my hair started to frizz and curl it's way back up.  What you see below, is my second attempt at straightening my hair and I was pissed and tired when I finally got a decent picture.  Although the style was adorable in person....I can't, I just can't.

{Day 15 - Fuzzy} Fuzzy wuzzy was a huge white Tibet wool coat!!!!  My nana, Dottie gave me this coat years ago after I begged and begged for it.  Really, I wanted it because it reminded me of the coat that Prince wore in this video.... (don't laugh!).  After all that begging I did, I only wore the coat a club, where it was hot and I was afraid to even take it off because I didn't want it stolen....tragic.  Anyhoo, I still love this coat, but I have nowhere to wear it and when it was originally passed down to me, I was this size.  If I wear it now, I might end up looking like this thing, or this monster or one of those damn Wampas!.....and that is not cute or stylish!  For now, I'll love the coat from afar, and maybe pass it on to my daughter one day.  I had an idea to have it turned into  a pair of boots, hand muff and hat....maybe a cute vest....but my grandmother would probably be really offended.

Remember you can still join in the fun and do the style dare right along with the rest of's really fun, you might surprise yourself and find that you actually can rock a style you didn't think you could!  If you'd prefer to just see what everyone else is styling you can follow along on my Instagram or at #FABruary and follow @foxinflats for updates

Have a great weekend!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

{Free Printables} Valentine's Lollipop Covers

I am working on the Valentine's party for my daughter's class and created these lollipop covers that we're planning on passing out to the kids.  I designed them to coordinate with my Valentine's Day XOXO & Love Collection printable kit.

You can download the FREE lollipop printables here and check out my Etsy shop for more coordinating printables.

Friday, February 8, 2013

{Friday Fun} Fabuary Style Dare Week 1

Here's how my first week went playing along with the Fabruary Style Dare with Fox in Flats.
Day 2 {Glitter}....Found cute bracelets on clearance that were all sparkly & what not.
Day 3 {Checks/Plaid}I do not like to wear plaid or checks but I do have this hat that I throw on in the morning to drop Thing 1 off to school when my hair ain't did.
Day 4 {Ponytail}  This took a lotta tugging & pulling - I have no hair to make a ponytail with LOL  - but managed to get a side pony!!!!

Day 5 {Leather} I love these boots, but my calves are huge and so these were taken (by Thing 1) just for the photo.
Day 6 {Green} One of my favorite dresses....but it looks weird in this picture....I look so much like my mom here.
Day 7 {Statement Earrings} These were another clearance find....they remind me of peacocks and Africa!
Day 8 {Noisy} This is a Traci Lynn bracelet that I desperately wanted and got it for sale from a consultant....but it's so noisy that I very rarely wear's cute though, no?

Check back every Friday this month for more updates on my style dare musings or follow me on Instagram!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

{DIY Party Decor} Chalkboard Serving Tray

I know chalkboard decor is trendy right now.   I am not sure how long it will last, but for right now, it's kinda in.  So, I decided that I'd incorporate it into some of my parties this year.  If you didn't notice, I had a cute 'silver' chalkboard serving tray that was used for the sweets table for my Black & White Gingham Valentine's Day Party Kit.

Today, I'm sharing a little step by step with ya on how you can make your own.

What you'll need:

  • Cheapy serving tray a la Dollar Tree
  • Chalkboard Paint (I used Martha Stewart brand in black...but apparently, they come in lotsa colors)
  • Paint brush
  • chalk
  • baby wipes or dampened paper towel

I read the directions on the back of the bottle, and there wasn't much to do to prep the surface of the tray, other than making sure it was clean (used a baby wipe for that).  If  you notice, however, my tray has some discoloration on it.  I don't know how, why or when that happened, but it's there; since I was painting over it anyway, this didn't really pose a problem.

So, I poured a bit of paint onto the tray and started painting away.

As I went along, I also used a baby wipe to clean up the edges to make a smooth line along the curves of the tray.

The instructions say to put an initial coat of paint onto your surface, wait one hour and then paint a finishing coat to dry for 24 hours.  I couldn't really wait a whole hour and took matters into my own hands and dried it with my trusty space heater turned to the fan setting.

When it was dry, I conditioned the chalkboard by rubbing chalk over it and then wiping it with a baby wipe. I wan't going for a really fancy sign, I wanted it to be very simple.  So, a simple sentiment and some doodling was all I needed.  In the future, I may try something more complex....if my brain is completely awake ;)

 I did manage to knick the paint a bit once it was dried.  Not sure why the paint came up so easily as I did allow it to dry overnight.  I don't know if it's the paint itself or the surface or how I was writing on the chalkboard.  It didn't bother me that much since I was not going for perfection.  However, if I was, I would probably try a primer to the tray first before adding the chalkboard paint.

For more on chalkboard art....check out the links below:

If you need chalkboard art inspiration here's some pretty dope ideas on Pinterest.

Burlap & Denim has a very detailed tutorial on making a chalkboard sign.

Did you know that you could make your own chalkboard paint???

Check this gal out -she's like a chalkboard artisan!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this trend and if you plan on making this simple project on your own, make sure you send a photo and leave a comment!!!

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