Friday, February 8, 2013

{Friday Fun} Fabuary Style Dare Week 1

Here's how my first week went playing along with the Fabruary Style Dare with Fox in Flats.
Day 2 {Glitter}....Found cute bracelets on clearance that were all sparkly & what not.
Day 3 {Checks/Plaid}I do not like to wear plaid or checks but I do have this hat that I throw on in the morning to drop Thing 1 off to school when my hair ain't did.
Day 4 {Ponytail}  This took a lotta tugging & pulling - I have no hair to make a ponytail with LOL  - but managed to get a side pony!!!!

Day 5 {Leather} I love these boots, but my calves are huge and so these were taken (by Thing 1) just for the photo.
Day 6 {Green} One of my favorite dresses....but it looks weird in this picture....I look so much like my mom here.
Day 7 {Statement Earrings} These were another clearance find....they remind me of peacocks and Africa!
Day 8 {Noisy} This is a Traci Lynn bracelet that I desperately wanted and got it for sale from a consultant....but it's so noisy that I very rarely wear's cute though, no?

Check back every Friday this month for more updates on my style dare musings or follow me on Instagram!


  1. So pleased you've joined in Keisha! I've added your blog into our weekly update here:

    Cheers! Andrea

  2. @foxinflats - thank you for including me in your weekly update. Having a blast with the FABruary Style Dare!!! --Keisha

  3. @Meghan - thanks! This style dare is sooo fun!


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