Thursday, September 27, 2012

{Share Your Party} G'Owls' Gone Wild

I am excited to share an Owl-themed pajama party thrown by my friends, Keri & Brian Patterson. Keri was nice enough to share her daughter's cowgirl themed party last year. So, when she contacted me this year to help her with the owl graphics for her daughter's party this month - I was all too willing to lend a hand! 

Let me just say, Keri is VERY talented and crafty and we've joked about how our husband's keep banning us from buying craft products.  We both agree that it's nonsense to try and hold us back and that it's completely acceptable therapy, LOL.  Check out the paper-crafted invitations that Keri designed.


Here are a few additional photos from the party and you can read up on how Keri made her daughter, Reagan's party extra fun at the end of the post!


The girls got to craft their own Owl tee-shirts!

Here are the details that Keri shared with me on how she pulled this amazing celebration together and ow she came up with the BEST activities and games I've seen in a while!

I had a Eureka moment one night at about 4:00 am.  I was thinking about how I could incorporate my latest obsession…owls, in a unique way for my daughters 10thbirthday.  Reagan had recently received a game called Quizzlers that she absolutely loved.  It’s a bunch of girly cards with different types of quizzes to determine what type of friend you are, what you’re likely to become when you grow up, etc.  So it hit me…..we should have a Person’Owl’ity Pajama Party.  What 10 year old girl doesn’t love to sleep over, play MASH, Mad Libs, etc. 
I love to create original themes and activities for my parties.  A few of the activities that the girls enjoyed were:
Designing PersonOwliTees:  The girls first took a personowlity quiz to find out what type of owl they were (naturowl, beautifowl, physicowl or edcationowl).  After completing their tests, they designed a T-Shirt.
Gowls Gone Wild Pillowlfight:  This game was a cross between a pillow fight and a piñata.  I had custom made pillows (courtesy of my mom) filled with packing peanuts and prizes.  One end of the pillowcase was loosely stitched.  The girls had a pillow fight and when the pillow burst open they scurried to collect the prizes.
MusicOwl Present:  This game is a twist on musical chairs.  The girls sat in a circle. As music was played they passed a wrapped present around.  When the music stopped, the girl holding the present had to answer a question that was taped to the present.  If she got the question right, she was allowed to peel a layer of wrapping paper off.  The winner was the girl that got the last question right, and peeled off the final layer of wrapping paper.
Mummy Wrap:  This game has now become a tradition at our parties because the girls loved it sooo much.  The girls are divided into teams of 2-3 depending on headcount.  Each team is given 2 rolls of toilet tissue.  One girl from each team has to be the mummy.  The other girl(s) has to wrap the mummy from head to toe.  The team to wrap their mummy first wins.  After the winner is announced the girls bust out of the tissue and have a tissue fight.

 Doesn't Keri has a great eye for party design? I keep trying to convince her to go for it....maybe one day she will. For now, she seems to be having a hellagood time making parties for her daughters special and unique!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

{MG Party Impressions} Tailgate Fun

Have you ever thought about having a fun Tailgate party right in your own home's driveway? Well check out all the fun I had setting up this at home tailgate to kick off the Football season!  Head over to MG Party Impressions for more details!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

{Real Parties} About to Pop Shower with The Petite Soiree

Today I'm sharing a hip and modern baby shower that I recently had the privilege to help with.

I was so honored when Stefanie Nieves of the Petite Soiree asked me to design some graphics for a Trident Gum inspired gender reveal baby shower she was styling.  When she shared her vision of the shower with me and how she wanted everything to look, I instantly had this idea of bubbles, bright colors and things that pop!  As I started designing the graphics, I instantly knew that I was working towards a Pop Art theme.  I came up with a few designs and Stefanie chose the ones she liked best and styled a super cool shower that is perfect for the trendiest of couples!

To get more details about the shower and access free printables head over to Stefanie's Blog!

Monday, September 17, 2012

{Cupcake Monday} Pretty Pink Princess Party Cupcake Toppers

Happy Monday all!

This past weekend, I enjoyed creating a truly fun pool themed Princess Party for a sweet little girl named, Avery.  Here is some deliciously sweet eye candy that we provided the guests with.

I used the Royal Princess printables from my shop and personalized them with her name and age.  I'll be sharing the rest of the party fun with you in a few days.  In the meantime, check out the complete Royal Princess  printables here.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

{Craft Room Makeover} Week 3 - Not My Proudest Moment

I didn't do a damn thing to this room!  Not one thing!   About two weekends ago, I went to Michael's (and almost got accosted by a creeper....ladies...listen to your gut, your intuition will not steer you wrong) to purchase a paper crimper and ended up with four sets of Halloween stamps and melting chocolates.  What does this have to do with my craft room makeover?  IDK!  I just keep finding more stuff to put in my room!!!!  That totally defeats the purpose, I know, but this is an honest account of my experience.  I see stuff, I buy it, it goes in the event comes up, I have to finish an order....things get tossed around and in no time flat, I end up with this:

This is the view from my work desk last night.....still, a hot mess.  I'm working on finishing items for a party and had just cleared my desk of party items I made for my little grandson's birthday (yes, it's true, I'm a grandma....or in my words, a Gigi....we'll talk later) and that mess on the table in front of me is the same mess that was there last week!  WTH?????  And I still haven't folded laundry!....but that is another discussion for another type of blog.

As I sat momentarily staring blankly at the mess in front of me, I turned to my right to view the other hot's bad....

This is not right.  It's so wrong on a multitude of levels.  That desk is a gem of a find and I love it....and it's always covered up with this or that.  I just keep putting stuff on it.  That cork bulletin board is supposed to be my vision board but has since become an art gallery for my children's paintings and drawings and random things.  If this all wasn't enough to make me go stir crazy in zero point seconds, I had a quick flashback of the last episode of Hoarders that I watched earlier in the week!  It was then that wondered if I had a problem, if I am just a VERY busy working wife and mom....or if I'm just naturally messy :(

I would like to note, however, that the shelf that has the yellow box on it, is actually organized, but you can't tell because there is a huge wooden pallet blocking it.  I bet you would love to know why I have a wooden pallet in my craft room, yes?  It's because in my insane way of thinking, I'm going to disassemble it, reassemble it and distress paint it to look like a weathered wood backdrop.....I HAVE GOOD INTENTIONS FOR THE PALLET!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

{Remembrance Day} Subway Art Printable

In honor of the 9-11 attacks, I designed three versions of the same Subway Art printable.  They can be printed out on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper or smaller.  Download the printables here!

Friday, September 7, 2012

{Sweet Customers} Max's Fire Truck Party

I so love when I have a fantastic customer who shares their child's big day with me.  Kelly, contacted me through my Etsy shop last month about her son, Max's party.  She ordered the Fire Truck printable kit and was kind enough to send me a few snapshots of his party.

(The Birthday Boy and his cousin - super cute!)

Here's what Kelly had to say about planning Max's party and offered some really sweet words about her experience with our party printables:

Hi Keisha! 

As you know, I've never done a DIY anything. I'm more of a pre packaged type of person, which also describes my cooking and shopping habits. I like to order out as well as buying outfits off mannequins (pre-designed by those creative types- which I'm secretly envious of). My sister was blessed with the creativity. However, the more parties we attended, I saw all the adorable things other moms were doing, which were clearly not store bought.  My son is a typical toddler. He loves trucks, trains, cars, construction vehicles, etc. 

I'm not sure how Max came up with a fire truck theme but one day he announced this was what he wanted his party to be. We've had Thomas the tank and dinosaurs so when he announced fire trucks I was all in. 

Now I was on a mission to find cute invitations. I knew Etsy was the place to go. As I searched and searched, I realized most everything was sold as a DIY by selling PDF files. I took the leap and decided to try. My experience was amazing mainly due to the support and ideas Keisha provided to me.  

The invitation became the center piece and I worked around it. The idea sheet gave me a jump start and the confidence started to build. I had seen the gift bag on the idea sheet and decided this would be a great way to add color to the party by setting up a candy bar instead of buying small little toys which break or get left on the floorboard of the car by the time his friends got home.

I kept it simple by providing fruit, cheese, chips and salsa, etc. I also decided on cupcakes instead of a cake because we had the cupcake toppers and wrappers to pull it all together.

The party was a huge success. The kids loved the candy table and the surprise which was a real Firetruck that came to the party. Everything was so easy to do once I got the hang of it. I didn't realize how much the hard work paid off until the guests started to arrive. The decorations were definitely  the focus of the party. It was so worth the time and work put in. I will definitely do this again and can't wait until next year! 

Thank you again Keisha. Your support and help even after the purchase was complete was phenomenal. I can't thank you enough.

Kelly - you were an AMAZING customer to work with and I'm so happy that you had a great experience using the printables and our shop....and that Max had a fantastic birthday!

Please check out our Fire Truck Deluxe party printable kit and photo invitations in the Etsy shop!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

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