Friday, September 7, 2012

{Sweet Customers} Max's Fire Truck Party

I so love when I have a fantastic customer who shares their child's big day with me.  Kelly, contacted me through my Etsy shop last month about her son, Max's party.  She ordered the Fire Truck printable kit and was kind enough to send me a few snapshots of his party.

(The Birthday Boy and his cousin - super cute!)

Here's what Kelly had to say about planning Max's party and offered some really sweet words about her experience with our party printables:

Hi Keisha! 

As you know, I've never done a DIY anything. I'm more of a pre packaged type of person, which also describes my cooking and shopping habits. I like to order out as well as buying outfits off mannequins (pre-designed by those creative types- which I'm secretly envious of). My sister was blessed with the creativity. However, the more parties we attended, I saw all the adorable things other moms were doing, which were clearly not store bought.  My son is a typical toddler. He loves trucks, trains, cars, construction vehicles, etc. 

I'm not sure how Max came up with a fire truck theme but one day he announced this was what he wanted his party to be. We've had Thomas the tank and dinosaurs so when he announced fire trucks I was all in. 

Now I was on a mission to find cute invitations. I knew Etsy was the place to go. As I searched and searched, I realized most everything was sold as a DIY by selling PDF files. I took the leap and decided to try. My experience was amazing mainly due to the support and ideas Keisha provided to me.  

The invitation became the center piece and I worked around it. The idea sheet gave me a jump start and the confidence started to build. I had seen the gift bag on the idea sheet and decided this would be a great way to add color to the party by setting up a candy bar instead of buying small little toys which break or get left on the floorboard of the car by the time his friends got home.

I kept it simple by providing fruit, cheese, chips and salsa, etc. I also decided on cupcakes instead of a cake because we had the cupcake toppers and wrappers to pull it all together.

The party was a huge success. The kids loved the candy table and the surprise which was a real Firetruck that came to the party. Everything was so easy to do once I got the hang of it. I didn't realize how much the hard work paid off until the guests started to arrive. The decorations were definitely  the focus of the party. It was so worth the time and work put in. I will definitely do this again and can't wait until next year! 

Thank you again Keisha. Your support and help even after the purchase was complete was phenomenal. I can't thank you enough.

Kelly - you were an AMAZING customer to work with and I'm so happy that you had a great experience using the printables and our shop....and that Max had a fantastic birthday!

Please check out our Fire Truck Deluxe party printable kit and photo invitations in the Etsy shop!

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