Thursday, September 13, 2012

{Craft Room Makeover} Week 3 - Not My Proudest Moment

I didn't do a damn thing to this room!  Not one thing!   About two weekends ago, I went to Michael's (and almost got accosted by a creeper....ladies...listen to your gut, your intuition will not steer you wrong) to purchase a paper crimper and ended up with four sets of Halloween stamps and melting chocolates.  What does this have to do with my craft room makeover?  IDK!  I just keep finding more stuff to put in my room!!!!  That totally defeats the purpose, I know, but this is an honest account of my experience.  I see stuff, I buy it, it goes in the event comes up, I have to finish an order....things get tossed around and in no time flat, I end up with this:

This is the view from my work desk last night.....still, a hot mess.  I'm working on finishing items for a party and had just cleared my desk of party items I made for my little grandson's birthday (yes, it's true, I'm a grandma....or in my words, a Gigi....we'll talk later) and that mess on the table in front of me is the same mess that was there last week!  WTH?????  And I still haven't folded laundry!....but that is another discussion for another type of blog.

As I sat momentarily staring blankly at the mess in front of me, I turned to my right to view the other hot's bad....

This is not right.  It's so wrong on a multitude of levels.  That desk is a gem of a find and I love it....and it's always covered up with this or that.  I just keep putting stuff on it.  That cork bulletin board is supposed to be my vision board but has since become an art gallery for my children's paintings and drawings and random things.  If this all wasn't enough to make me go stir crazy in zero point seconds, I had a quick flashback of the last episode of Hoarders that I watched earlier in the week!  It was then that wondered if I had a problem, if I am just a VERY busy working wife and mom....or if I'm just naturally messy :(

I would like to note, however, that the shelf that has the yellow box on it, is actually organized, but you can't tell because there is a huge wooden pallet blocking it.  I bet you would love to know why I have a wooden pallet in my craft room, yes?  It's because in my insane way of thinking, I'm going to disassemble it, reassemble it and distress paint it to look like a weathered wood backdrop.....I HAVE GOOD INTENTIONS FOR THE PALLET!



  1. keisha you make me laugh! I know how you feel. My craft area gets crazy during project too. I did notice your shelf in the corner all organized!


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