Wednesday, May 1, 2013

{Party Recap} Monster High Spa Party

Finally went through all the pictures we took at my daughter's Monster High themed spa party for her birthday.  When she came to me last year....the day after her last party....and said she wanted a Monster High Spa Party, I thought to myself...'Creative, but she'll outgrow those Monster High thingies before then'.....but she didn't.  So, I was forced to create a party using licensed characters and it all came together swimmingly!

As the girls came in they each got a spa towel, head band and a place at the spa facial station.  I used Monster High dolls that my daughter already owned and created table signs for each spa station.  I named the facial station, 'Frankie's Facials' for the main character of the show and my daughter's favorite might remember she was Frankie for Halloween!

If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember me working on the towel wraps....I am no seamstress, so even though the wraps were a cute idea and looked adorable, they didn't fit the girls and they all ended up coming off LOL!  I did manage to accent one towel with a bit of trim and a fabric rosette...that's the one my daughter got to wear.

Once at the facial station, the girls got to put on their own avocado & honey masks.  I found the perfect hot pink acrylic bowls from Dollar Tree about two weeks before the party that I thought would be perfect for facial bowls.  I also used small pink plastic bowls filled with warm water and soap for the girls to soak their hands as they prepped for manicures.  Each girl also got a personalized aluminum water bottle that was embellished with dimensional stickers and a glitter ribbon.  In the center of the table I used a sheer curtain from last year's Rock Star Party  table as a runner, and placed cotton pads, extra headbands and rolled wash cloths along the runner.  Each headband was embellished with a small pink bow and the wash cloths were tied with a satin ribbon - just to make them look extra pretty!

Once facials were done I split the girls up into two groups.  One group went to get Pedicures and the other group went to get their nails polished.  At the Pedicure station, I created a sign using the Lagoona Blue character.  Each girl got to add a homemade cucumber melon scented bath bomb to their foot tub.  I found the Pink Day Spa Inflatable Footbaths on Amazon literally 7 days before the party.  What a score.  I initially was going to use dish basins, but these look much prettier.....and pinkier!  I decorated this area with hanging lanterns and poms that I found at Wal-Mart for under $2 each.  I added fluffy pillows to the couch area that were on clearance at JC Penney for $5 each.  A few of the larger pillows were given to me by a coworker whose sister was relocating and didn't need them - lucky me!

(Yes, she is missing a hand.....Tracey is very upset about it....)

I also couldn't find pedicure slippers to go with my color scheme, so I made my own using large foam sheets.  I saw this idea for making pedicure shoes when I was searching for inspiration, but instead just measured the size of my daughter's flip flops to create the slippers.  The idea was great, but the glue dots holding the straps together didn't hold up so well as the girls walked around - eventually they took those off too.....another FAIL, LOL  While the girls were being treated to their pedicures, they received a lemon sugar foot scrub and laid back on the couch  to relax their eyes with sliced cucumbers :)

I set up 'Clawdeen's Claws' - a nail salon that was in our basement.  I enlisted the help of a friend's teenage daughter (huge help!).  The girls got to choose colors for their mani-paws and pedi-paws....unfortunately, most of the pictures came out very grainy, so this is all I have to share from the pics.....sorry.

After all the pampering we all headed upstairs to's all my daughter ever fancy spa food, LOL.....We also had smoothies for the girls....a special request from the birthday girl.  'Abby Bominable Smoothies' was the drink of choice!  Strawberry - Banana Smoothies - can't beat that!

Once their bellies were full, it was on to cake & treats!  I shared how to make this ruffled streamer backdrop in an earlier post.  I loved it so much that I just took the streamers down not even 3 days ago LOL any case, this was one of the first times I decided to work with outside vendors.  To make the dessert table super fab I ordered fondant toppers from Edible Details,  custom cookies by Astonishing Cakes and macarons and macaron pops from local talent Fresh Bakes.

I purchased the cupcakes and cake (ran out of time) from my local grocery store bakery and asked them to just put plain vanilla frosting on everything.  I decorated the cake with Duff Goldman Sugar Sheets (oh yes I did) and added rock candy sprinkles as a border.  Using some of the left over fondant toppers, I covered up the seams on the sugar sheets. I also added one of the personalized cookie plaques as a cake topper!  As we sang happy birthday, the girls each wore one of those cute mini top hats I made for the party!

She's such a ham!!!!

After everyone filled up with sweets, I let the girls go out and run in play in the backyard because I had just one more treat - they each were treated to more sweets - but not the edible kind.  I created a faux dessert table with different soaps!  Each girl got to take their choice of soaps that looked like cupcakes, sugar wafers, macarons, push pops and rock candy!  It was the WOW moment of the party.

Here are some more fun shots of the girls hamming it up!

All in all!  Another fab party for my baby girl!!!  She's 8 - OMG - she's just growing up before our eyes!!!!

Happy Birthday Pretty Girl!

A special thank you goes to my hubby - who, again, lets me throw these cray-cray parties and also puts up with my cray-cray in the process, my momma/photographer/pizza go getter/emergency financier, my un-dad...McKinney for your height and hands, my bestie Nalei A. - you were such a HUGE help with this party....couldn't have done it without you and Jasmine Reed, nail tech extraordinaire!

Party Finds:

Party Styling, Printables & Hats - Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams

Fondant toppers - Edible Details,

Cookies - Astonishing Cakes

Macarons/Macaron Pops - Fresh Bakes.

Soap: Push Pops - Be Grateful Shop

Soap: Lollipops - Calise Soap Works

Soap: Sugar Wafers - 4 Emani Monet

Soaps: Cupcakes, Cake Pops, Rock Candy & Macarons - AJ Sweet Soap

Monster High Tutu & Dolls - Target

Purchases from
Pink Day Spa Inflatable Footbath
Duff Goldman Edible Cake Art, Animal Skins
(I may receive a small compensation for any Amazon purchases when you click the above links)


  1. Very cute party, I especially love the diva hats. Great job!

  2. What a fun party! Still obsessing over those hats. Thank you for letting me be a part of it!

  3. You did an Amazing job! Everything was perfect! I really loved how you decorated the cake

  4. So cute - my daughter was torn between a monster high party and a spa party... apparently you can combine them!!

    Thank you for all the links too!


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