Tuesday, November 13, 2012

{Party Recap} Halloween Carnival!

Before I get knee-deep into Thanksgiving posts, I wanted to be sure I shared the rest of the party photos from this year's Halloween Carnival themed party.  Now listen,  I styled and planned three, count them, three separate Halloween parties this year.  I've said it before, I'll say it again, I'm insane.  So, by the time I got around to my kids' Halloween party, I was DONE!  I don't really think I've recouperated yet.

I found out early in the week of the party that Sandy was on her way and my chances of having an outdoor carnival might not happen.  Luckily, my two WONDERFUL friends, Naleli & Donna were going to  help me getterdone - GOD BLESS THEM because I am here to tell you, three Halloween parties in a month's time is CRAZY.  So, on the day of the party, by the time Naleli got to me, I was literally sitting in the middle of my craft room almost in tears trying to figure out how to fit 15 kids in there for the party when she reminded me that I do have a backyard and it wasn't supposed to start raining until Sunday.  So, with that, we started moving everything outside and I must say, everything turned out A-OK.

Anyhoo, I took all these pictures myself, they're the best you're gonna get cause I'm way too cheap and controlling to hire a real photographer and like I said by this point I was just spent.  I just wanted the party to be over and done with.  So, if the pictures a bit blurry or grainy, my bad!  Also, no fancy collages just a long stream of about 20+ pictures with some captions/details!!!!  OLD SCHOOL!  LOL

So, I made these cute  mini gable boxes with my Cricut and used some stamping techniques to make that Harlequin pattern and labels.

{Psssst! For all you Cricut crafters, I used the Artiste cartridge from Close to My Heart, cut the box out onto black 12" cardstock, fit to page, and then stamped it with a Harlequin patterned background stamp.  Then, I cut out the labels from the Artiste cartridge to match the stamp set that came with the Spellbound Workshop on the Go - another Close to My Heart item.}

Found these lollipops at the Dollar Tree, forgot I had them until Naleli found them in a bag of candy......the wrapped candy bars were leftovers from my Wicked Fun Halloween Soiree.  Thanks, Naleli for hooking that table up - couldn't have done it without ya!

Concessions were set out for the kids to grab at will.  I provided plenty of hot dogs, pretzels, caramel apples, cotton candy and other treats!  The sign above the concession stand was another Cricut project made using the Carousel cartridge.

I wasn't letting any of my Halloween decor get used just once.....did I mentioned that I styled 3 different Halloween themed events this year?  This cupcake stand was a Wal-Mart find that I used for this Halloween Hoedown.

We created a Fortune teller booth for the party.  I made a sign using craft paper and paint and hung it against a canvas back drop.  The 'crystal ball' was made by painting the inside of a fish bowl with silver and glitter paint.  I flipped over a white bowl and put the fish bowl on top.  The table was covered with a shimmery purple fabric and creepy cloth!  My friend, Donna made a faaaabulous Fortune Teller Lady :)

We set up a games table with classic carnival games.....bottle ring toss, knock em down cans, and pumpkin chuckin' (ball toss).  My husband built an enclosed box for the knock em down cans and we repurposed a wooden wine crate for the bottle ring toss.  Donna, helped out with setting up the cans!

All the kids got tickets for every game they won which they received prizes for.  I made the ticket booth using one of those plastic bathroom shelving units!

This graveyard was another contribution by my's all him people, I take no credit here!  The kids had to walk through here to get to the Carnival!

Oooh - this was on my mantel!  I made the BOO candles by adhering cut out letters from my Cricut onto the glass.

 Just some plates, cups, napkins and straws for folks to grab while enjoying concessions.

I made the popcorn bags from a pattern I designed on my computer and had them printed out.  They're really easy to make.....when I come back to life, I'll share :)

Here are the kids enjoying all of the Halloween fun!

On Halloween night we stayed home, carved pumpkins and passed out candy to the Trick or Treat-ers which gave my little ghouls another opportunity to get gussied up in their costumes!

(Hilarious!  My kids are really in character!)

RIP Dussalot!
(long story)

HUGE THANK YOU to my Husband for never telling me no (well maybe that one time) when I come up with my hair brain ideas to make our kids realize we're the funnest parents in the whole world, endless thanks to Naleli & Donna for always looking out, to June, April & Duan for filling in without question and to my crazy bay-bays with whom none of this would even occur. :)

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