Thursday, February 11, 2016

Classroom Exchange Valentine's Gift Ideas with Free Printables

I am TOTALLY that mom that kind of waits till the last minute to do the kids' Valentine's......I do it every year, God bless it. I'm figuring it's highly likely that I am not the ONLY mama in the world like this.  One shopping trip to Target and I hit the MOTHERLOAD!   With that, I wanted to share a few ideas and FREE printables that I (literally) just whipped up!

As it happens, I have this thing for the the Target Dollar Spot. It has saved my arss on numerous occasions and equally is the reason behind my post-it note hoarding condition. I mean, I probably shouldn't even go as often as I do, because it's just like a baaaad drug.....not that I'd know.....but I'll assume it's close to some form of addiction. I digress, if you're like me....and c'mon, you must be slightly, otherwise....why read me blog?.....then you too are a Target Dollar Spot Junkie.

 In fact, I bet you spend endless hours just going back and forth and back and forth through bins and shelves looking for just the right item on a sweet bargain? RIGHT?!!!! Okay so, if you do, then, you will find a reason to go there RIGHT NOW and grab up a few items that will make you feel like a champ come classroom gift exchange time. 

Fancy this!  A simple Notebook with a pen....add the tag and BAM!

....or......a giant pencil or even a regular pencil with a sharpener....add the tag and BOOM!  #momoftheyear

I'll be's last minute here and it's PRETTY probable that some of the goods I found in my shop are gone....but there is hope and always substitutions. Get yourself some pencils, some erasers and some notebooks - you can get them anywhere for realz....howevs, if you can actually still find these items at your Target Dollar Spot, then YAY! Half your work is done. Print out the free printables I designed and SAVE THE DAY! 

Oh.....and btw....

(Add an eraser and mom, YOU GOT THIS!)


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