Friday, October 16, 2015

Spooky Dessert Cups

Welcome to the 13 Days of Handmade Halloween! I've gathered 13 of my FAVORITE blogging friends to share a handmade craft to get you in the Halloween spirit! It's Day 9 and today Tiffany, from Fizzy Party is sharing several fun ideas for making spooky dessert cups!  

Halloween parties means a treats table.  The stars of the treats table are usually cake, cookies, cupcakes and pumpkin pie.  For the small treats like candy corn, gumballs and chocolate candies, I like to serve them in little cups I embellish up to match the theme of the party. This DIY is so simple and easy you can do it last minute while watching a Halloween movie.

First go to a dollar store and pick up a pack of plastic water glasses. They're the perfect size for small candies. Then hit up a craft store for stickers, clips, ribbon, feathers etc.  Or if you're like me you have all these items back in your craft room already.
13 Days of Handmade Halloween DIY Treat Cups

Having a Poe inspired party?  Add a raven clip and use a glue dot to attach a feather to the stem.  Simple, quick and your guests will love the detail you added to an otherwise boring plastic water glass.

DIY Halloween Treat Cups, Feather and Clip Embelishments

Haunted House themed party?  Pick up some felt, cut out a spooky face and attach to the cup with glue dots. As you can see from the slightly blurred image, this cup is haunted.

DIY Halloween Treat Cups, Felt Embellishments

Craft stores have lots of great Halloween stickers to match any party theme.  Just peel the sticker off it's backing and attach to the glass.  Stickers stick great to the plastic cups.  Adding a little bit of ribbon gives the glass that extra detail.

DIY Halloween Treat Cups, Sticker and Ribbon Embellishments

Purple is a great colour for Halloween so for this last cup I attached a glittery flying witch sticker and tied a tulle pom to the stem.

DIY Halloween Treat Cups, Tulle Pom and Sticker Embellishments

I love this Halloween project because it's so simple and can match any theme.  The kids can even help you create these for the party.

That really is a versatile treat idea, Tiffany!  Thank you so much for sharing!  Looking for more Handmade Halloween treats, view our archives here!

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