Monday, October 12, 2015

Graveyard Halloween Dessert Table

It's Day 6 of the 13 Days of Handmade Halloween on my blog and today Sandra Garth of Sweet Sensations is sharing a ghoulish Graveyard Halloween Dessert Table.

I am super stoked to share my Halloween dessert table at Keisha’s 13 Days of Handmade Halloween round up again this year. Even though our children are grown and gone, I still enjoy this holiday with my granddaughter and sidekick Gabrielle. When our kids were little, we had the same menu every Halloween. Sloppy Joes, ham roll-ups, potato chips, a pumpkin shaped chocolate cake, and sherbet punch. Oh and candy of course.

Halloween is all about the sweet treats and although most of our traditional menu has gone by the wayside, the sweet treats are still in effect. I wish dessert tables had been on my radar back in the day. That way I would have had lots of help eating all of these tasty morsels. Anyways…each time I put together a dessert table keeping it economical as well as tasty is my intention.

Using what’s on hand, applying a few shortcuts, and digging deep into whatever creativity you can grab a hold of us is crucial. Keep in mind that if everything isn’t perfectly placed and evenly spaced it’s not the end of the world. Here are the particulars on my ghastly and ghoulish dessert table.

Graveyard Halloween Dessert Table

  • Two-tiered Chocolate Cake - This cake is elevated on a drink dispenser stand. In between each layer of the cake is the same chocolate frosting as the outsides. Ghost suckers are popping out from the top tier. No worries, they’re friendly. I opted for a bottom border of crushed brownies rather than more frosting. The fence that surrounds the cake is gutter covering that came from Big Lots. I leave no section of a store unturned!

  • Dollar Dollar Bill Y’all - Underneath the cake is a coffin from the dollar store filled with skulls that I had in my stash, which also came from the $ store. I dug deep into my hoarders bin for the skeletons trying to escape over the fence.

  • Peeps in a Jar - The mercury glass jars at the back of the table were 80% off at Michaels. No way was I leaving those in the store. I pierced some plastic skulls, inserted nylon through, and then attached them to the jars with ribbon. The peeps on a straw were perfectly happy there. Halloween houses from days gone by elevated on Styrofoam platforms flanked each side.

  • Get Ya Drink On - In the center of the table is Swamp juice (aka) Gatorade with themed straws. These little frap bottle have come in handy over the years. I could have easily made this an adult beverage by adding a lil bit of vodka but I decide not too. That doesn’t mean you can’t!
  • Potato Sticks - I covered the cans with scrapbook paper to keep things simple. Back in the day, these treats were very popular. I ended up finding them not at my favorite grocery store but the local meat market. Go figure.

  • Sugar Cookies - Served on silver glass trays, lightly frosted, and decorated with a powdered sugar glaze. I have one sugar cookie recipe that I always use. My kids said, “If it ain‘t broke don‘t fix it“.

  • Candy Corn Marshmallows in round vases embellished with mesh ribbon and a button. Who knew marshmallows came in so many flavors?

  • RIP Headstones and Bones - Candy melts on a bed of cake crumbs. I always slice the domes off my cakes to make them level. I crumbled the toppings for fake dirt. I waste nothing.

Oh and that cute mini ghoul is Gabrielle. Her payment for this photo shoot was all the sugar cookies she could eat. Her parents weren’t too happy about that but oh well!!

 Happy Halloween Y’all!

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Sandra is just as at home in a thrift store as a high-end retailer. She also realizes that not everyone likes over the top desserts or lavish parties so she frequently offers money saving ideas and simple DIY projects. Her philosophy is that entertaining is as much about attitude as it is about the menu and place settings.

Thank you Miss Sandra Garth for that spooktacular treat!  Looking for more Handmade Halloween treats, view our archives here!

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