Tuesday, January 15, 2013

{Pin-Tastic Tuesday} Easy Valentine's Day Ideas

I 'love' these easy and simple Valentine's Day ideas I found while avoiding work - browsing Pinterest recently.

A.  I found this burlap banner with felt hearts to be a very easy DIY.  I plan on making one!
B.  A cute idea to dress up a plain glass bottle - gotta love washi tape!
C.  How adorably smart are these heart shaped pink ice cubes?
D.  Deliciously sweet pie pops would make a fun classroom treat for Valentine's Day!

E.  My very own heart-shaped breakfast!  Download & print my Lovely Valentine's Day Breakfast Printables for FREE!
F.   Loving these Valentine's Day party crackers - they are chock full of treats and surpises!
G. I could picture filling decorated mason jars with candies, cookie mix or chocolates and giving as teacher's gifts.
H.  Burlap & felt - can't go wrong with this heart shaped framed wall art.

Hope these ideas inspired you to create something lovely this Valentine's Day. Feel free to peruse my Valentine's Day Ideas 2013 board on Pinterest for more ideas & inspiration!

{Photo Credits: A. Finley and Oliver B. Pick Your Plum C. A Subtle Revelry D. Borrowed and Bleu E. Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams for The DC Ladies F. Not Martha G. The Pleated Poppy H. Embellishing Life Everyday }


  1. Such great ideas Keisha. I going to use the mason jar idea. Thanks!

  2. @Party Patisserie - totally agree - I am definitely using that idea and the wall art - love it!

  3. really superb for Valentines Day Ideasim going to try Burlap & felt hope it will come good


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