Wednesday, May 16, 2012

{Whatever Wednesday} Yarn Pom-Pom Cameo Appearances

Ya know, I've had the pleasure of having some of my adorable party yarn pom-pom garlands adorn some pretty fun parties in the past few months.  For some reason, I have not really shared them, and I'm not sure why - but the parties were fabulous and that means my little fluffy balls of yarn swagged across a room or popped into a cupcake deserve to have little time in the spotlight.

I created a super long pink and white yarn pom garland for The Petite Soiree in New Jersey for a princess themed party hosted by a local news anchor in NJ - that's pretty cool, eh?

  Photos courtesy of Stefani Nieves

Another project I worked on a few months back was for a little charity you may have heard of......

I worked with Amy Belle from Operation Shower to coordinate a garland and yarn pom pom cupcake toppers for their 'Over the Moon' shower back in November!  Military moms rock and I was all too happy to contribute!

Thanks to Stefani Nieves & Amy Belle for letting me contribute to these fabulous events!!!!

You can find yarn pom-pom garlands in the Etsy shop!


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