Friday, April 22, 2011

{Party Inspiration} Fun Kid's Easter Table

This year we are having all the kids in the family (about 6 total) come over for an Egg Hunt!  I thought it would be really fun to set up a table where they can snack on sweets and also color and decorate some of their own eggs.  I figured I would save time and money and create a mock up of the table to share with you and hopefully pass along some budget friendly ideas and inspiration for you to create a festive space for your own little cottontails!

I loved the colors of the plastic eggs that I found at Target and Dollar Tree so I wanted to use a lot of color for the table.  I started with a simple tablescape with a springtime vinyl table cloth that I already had on hand.  Vinyl is perfect for wiping up spills and messes especially when egg decorating. Mixing and matching different plates and napkins, I created colorul place settings for the kids to eat their snacks on.  I used purple plastic plates for chargers and our own spring green ceramic plates, then folded colorful napkins diagonally and placed a plastic fork on top.  The napkins were a steal at Ikea for .88 cents a pack.  I sprinkled the table with some of the party tags I designed for Easter, as well.

For the centerpiece, I crafted an Easter egg tree out of foam moss and styrofoam Easter Eggs.  The trunk of the tree is a paper straw and the base is a bucket I already had in my party inventory and used a styrfoam form to anchor it.  This was a simple project and cost less than $7 to make!

Ever since I saw these Cupcake Poppers here - I've been dying to make them.  Keep in mind, all of this work was done in the wee hours of the morning, so it's not my best, but WHO CARES - the kids are gonna eat 'em up regardless!

The kids will hunt for plastic eggs outside, but indoors, they will have fun decorating edible eggs.  For this table, I filled small bowl with grass filler and hard boiled eggs, then set out dye and crayons and markers. 

I love popcorn baskets for parties - they're my new thing.  I made these with the pattern paper I designed for my Easter Egg Hunt collection and added a paper medallion to the side - it reminded me of a daisy!  To make the box into a basket I added the handle and filled it with grass and chocolate eggs.

Here is a few view of the table.  I hope you were inspired to create something fun & festive for your Easter table!

Oh and if you want to have your own Easter Egg Hunt - here are some free printables for you - HAPPY EASTER!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

{Party Starters} Easter Egg Hunt Sneak Peek

I've been working on a collection for an Easter Egg Hunt party - and thought to put it in my Etsy shop.  I've been so busy with a slew of custom orders and creating new designs, that also have yet to be posted, that this one sort of fell off the priority list.  However, I wanted to show this to you and will hopefully have a cute little table spread set up in the next day or so to inspire you with some last minute holiday fun!

Friday, April 8, 2011

{Party Recap} Part 2: Bubble-Riffic Birthday Party

As promised here are more pictures and details about the Bubble-Riffic Blowout Bash I threw for my daughter’s 6th birthday.  While it was ultimately a good time to be had by all, the day started off rough and caused us to change course a bit because…

It rained.

Our plan was to have the party outdoors, with lots of fun games and activities but, with the wet weather and the chill in the air, we brought the fun inside!


We waited up until the last moment (about 30 minutes till the party)  to accept that Mother Nature was not having it.  Once we realized that we would have to nix setting up the party outside, we quickly moved out our dining room set and coffee table and created a space in both rooms for the party.   Once everything was set up, we decorated the room with lots of balloons, and bright, colorful linens.

The tablescape was a steady line of bubble gum fun!  For a pop of color, mini pom balls were strewn across the table to resemble gum balls.  Literally the day before the party, I found the most adorable tabletop gum ball machines at Dollar Tree.

For the main centerpieces, I  filled empty glass jars with Double Bubble and used them as double-duty by serving as anchors for swirl pops from Oriental Trading. I also added crazy straws to the display.  A variety of jars and vases were also filled with an assortment of bubble gum candies and Blow-Pops.


Part favors were festive blowers and glow stick bracelets that were displayed in a simple white tin bucket.

I designed the party hats, tags and bags myself and used a stamp kit to create the gumball machine favor tags that included actual gumballs.  The birthday girl wanted her party hat to stand out.  So, I embellished it with a paper rosette and glitter paper to create a fancy medallion and then added pretty satin ribbon to tie it off!


When Mother Nature would ease up on us, we let the kids play with bubbles, in between the rain showers.  This allowed us to set up for other activities, games and lunch.  I had different bubble sets displayed in a bucket and each guest got to choose their favorite.

Since we didn’t have the space indoors to do a balloon pop relay, we just let them go crazy and  pop lots of balloons!

Bubble-Gum themed prizes were given out for the games and the person who could guess the number of gumballs in the jar.


There was also a contest to see who could blow the biggest bubble and the birthday girl won!

After chowing down on hot dogs, tri-color pasta salad and melon balls, we sang Happy Birthday and the guests enjoyed a delicious slice of bubble gum cake from a ‘gumball machine’ and sugary sweet  gumball topped cupcakes!  I also made gumball machine cake pops! (btw, these were a bit of a chore to make, but they final result turned out great - I might do a tutorial on them at a later date).

Guests left with goodie bags filled with bubble gum and bubbles!

Even though it may have rained, my Mini Diva had a blast!  Check out my yarn poms hanging from the ceiling! 

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

If you are planning your own BUBBLE GUM THEMED party, you can now purchase this party collection in my Etsy shop!

See more on this party here.

Where to Find:
Table Top Gumball Machines - Dollar Tree
Bubble Sets - Dollar Tree, Oriental Trading & Target
Gumball Tutu - Atutudes
Limb Warmers - 3plcouture
Candy - Target, Oriental Trading, Dollar Tree
Party Hats, Party Tags, Favor Bags, Favor Bag Tags, Bubble Gum Machine Cake, Cupcakes, Birthday Girl Shirt - Created by Yours Truly

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

{Party Recap} Part One: Nikki's Bubble-Riffic Birthday


This party mama is pooped!  We had so much fun over the (CRAZY) weekend celebrating and eating lots of gum, and blowing LOTS of bubbles.  I have so many photos to go through but I did want to post a few pics from the party.  I'll post more later in the week with details to boot!

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