Friday, September 3, 2010


August has been soooo busy for me.  It just snuck up on me and now here it is September!!!! 

I had major moments last month from my 35th birthday to my Etsy shop opening (more on that in a later post) to a Star Wars party I planned and hosted right to my baby girl starting Kindergarten at French School…..

Nikki going to school

Proud student
My little guy beat me up when it was time to leave…..poor dude…..if he only knew….

I’m so grateful she loves to read

She made friends right away, It was like Venus and Serena!!!  BTW, I must say I'm proud of my braiding skills - who knew I could braid decent cornrows (patting myself on the back)

…..and she was ready to take over the class!

She held up okay for the first day…..I cried all the way home on though.  Eventually she broke down a few days later.  She’s still campaigning to stay at home – but she can put that notion right in her little cubby.

Since school has started and actually a few weeks prior to the first day I have participated in FOUR , yes, FOUR very long school events all providing the same information…..annoying.  I even had the gall to join the God Bless-ed PTA!  In any case, at certain points of these random on-goings, I started dreaming up some fantastic ways to celebrate going back to school.

Here are some ideas for throwing a fun back to school bash:

Lunch Bag Swap

This is a great opportunity to meet new friends or reconnect with friends after the new school year begins.  Each guest will bring a lunch item they do NOT like but that another child might.

Give each child a fabric lunch bag or lunch box to decorate - which they keep as a favor.  Have them fill the containers with lunch staples like (apples, chips, milk, juice, PB&J) and the item they want to swap.  The kids get to swap the lunch item they don't like for one they do like. 

School Tools Swap Meet

This is great for parents working on a tight budget. Parents can organize this event prior to the first day of school.   Each parent is responsible for bringing one school supply for each child attending the party.  For example, one parent might be responsible for color pencils, another would be responsible for composition books, another for crayons.  A host parent collects all the items prior to the event and sets up supply stations on the day of the event.

Having the kids decorate their own notebook  serves double duty as an activity and favor.  Serve light refreshments and drinks.  Let the children to to the supply stations and fill thei bags with  the necessary school supplies.  Now each child can start the school year with a backpack full of supplies!

First Day Fête

A host parent can coordinate with other parents in the child's class prior to the first day of school to have an afterschool get-together for about an hour or so. 

As kids enter the party, prize tickets are handed out for giveaways for school related like cool pencils, books, or learning toys.  Offer guests school-themed cupcakes, snacks and juice as refreshments.  This is a great way to meet new friends and get to know the parents, as well.  An alternative for this party is to have a 'Bus Stop Bash!

Apples & Bookworms  Party


Since apple picking season usually begins around the same time the school year starts, what a perfect time to throw an apple themed celebration. 

If time permits kids could go apple picking at an orchard and return to the hosts' home for party activities.  If you don’t have an orchard near you, another option is setting out bushels of apples.  Place them around the yard so kids can go 'apple picking'. 

Serve apple sausage dogs, apple chips, apple fritters or apple could also make their own gourmet candy apples!  Setup displays using apples, rulers, books and 'book'worms for decoration.

Games can include apple bingo , pin the worm on the apple, or an apple toss.  For a fun activity have the kids make their own bookworm bookmark craft using construction paper or craft foam shapes.  Party favors can be packaged in a small berry box to include a small reader book, apple sauce, note pad, fun pencils, gummy worms and gummy apples, pencil case and crayons.

I know the first week of school is a busy time – but if you do have one, feel free to email me pictures of your bash!  I’ll be recapping the Star Wars themed party I hosted last weekend for a great client of mine.  Check back later for more details!

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