Friday, January 15, 2016

Rainbow Heart PomPom Garland

Making yarn pompoms are like one of my faves!  It's like knitting, without all the figuring out of purling and what not.  I just dig it.  Give this gal a skein of yarn and best believe.....I am making a pompom with it.  I think I love making these fluffy babeez is because I like simple and easy crafts. You know the kind of crafts that are enough to keep me busy but, not complicated enough to make me wanna drink....oh who am I kidding.....I don't need an excuse to drink!!!  I'm so silly.

A few years back, I started making heart shaped pompom garlands, but I never actually did much with them.  I once sent a Radiant Orchid Heart Pompom Garland over to my gal pal, Heather of Hello My Sweet (she really is sweet) and I also used one for my French Bistro inspired Valentine's Day sweets table...that's about it.  So, when I had a brain fart the other day (happens every once in a while) I decided to make a rainbow garland that would be something cute and adorbs for Valentine's Day or really any occasion and could be used as a cake topper, mantle decor or just a happy pop of color to hang up in a nursery.

Now these heart pompoms are pretty easy to make - but it takes about 15 minutes to make one - so be forewarned. To make them yourself, you can use the Clover Heart Pompom Maker, as I did (I know you probably thought I just whipped it up all craft ninja like, but nope! I mean I'm good....but I told you....easy crafts - it's my shtick), and knock out a bunch during a lazy weekend.

I would gladly show you how to make them, except there's already a YouTube video on it....and it pretty much covers all bases.  If you aren't the crafting type or just too Sweet Brown for all the pompom shenanigans, you can purchase your very own heart shaped pompom garland over in my Etsy shop....because your life would be so grand with one of these in your life....I swear it would!

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