Friday, June 26, 2015

July 4TH Balloon Pop Garland

Here is an idea that really POPS!  I created this balloon pop activity for kids to partake in during your 4th of July festivities.  All you need to create these for your little brood are small toys, candy, glitter and star shaped confetti. 

Here's a tip:  Create a funnel using the top of a water bottle.  Just cut with a pair of scissors and place the balloon around the bottle opening and fill!

Using clear balloons, I filled each one with my 'filler' and then blew them up and tied them around a length of twine.  You can hang the balloons up and make the garland.  Another idea is to attach to straws or small sticks just for fun.

The fun part is getting to pop each balloon.  Make sure you supervise little ones with this part.  You simply take a sharp pin and POP!

This is such a fun and interactive twist on the average party garland.  You can fill a balloon with so many different items and use this idea for other celebrations! 

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