Thursday, March 12, 2015

Easter Sugar Cookie Cake Toppers with Nestlé Toll House Rolled and Ready Cookie Dough

When it comes to baking, I'm a cupcake girl and not a cookie girl, only because I don't want to go through the process of making dough.  However, I will not turn my nose up at shortcuts and the Nestlé Toll House Rolled and Ready Cookie Dough is right up my lane.  For me, cookie making can be time consuming; gathering the ingredients, making the dough, letting it chill, rolling it out, cutting the shapes, baking them and decorating them.....that's a lot of work.  I mean when done right, the end result can sometimes be absolutely gorgeous.....but I am NOT that gal.

Now that we're on the cusp of Spring and Easter is just around the corner, it's only fitting that I share a fun way to celebrate the holiday with Easter Baking with Nestlé Toll House Rolled and Ready Cookie Dough!  I decided to make fun Easter treats for my family.  If you're looking for an easy idea to make your Easter super fab, grab your kiddos and the one you love and make these Easter Sugar Cookie Cake toppers!

What you will need to make the cake toppers:

- 1 pkg Nestlé Toll House Rolled and Ready Cookie Dough
- 1 Delicious Cake - I used a store-bought cake - you can certainly bake one, but I didn't have time     for all of that ;)
- Lollipop Sticks
- One batch of Buttercream Frosting:
   1 Cup of Butter
   1 Cup Vegetable Shortening
   2 pounds Confectioner's Sugar
   2 tsp vanilla extract
   1-4 tbsp whole milk
   food coloring (optional)

1. To start, you simply open up your package of Nestlé Toll House Rolled and Ready Cookie Dough sheets.  Each sheet has a bit of flour on the bottom to prevent them sticking together.  Grab a few of your favorite cookie cutters and cut out the shapes you want.  Save the unused dough for the next step.

2. To make the cookies into pops, just gently press a lollipop stick slightly into the cut dough and then take a small round piece of unused dough and lay it on top of the stick softly pressing it into the cookie dough (see photo below).  If you want to make a few without sticks, that's fine too!

3. Follow the baking instructions on the package.  Once completely baked allow your cookies to cool for at least 10 minutes.

4.  While the cookies are cooling, you can make your buttercream frosting.

4.  Once cooled, you can start decorating your cookies!  Combine the butter and vegetable shortening in a mixer and beat on medium speed until smooth (roughly 2 minutes).  Gradually add the confectioner's sugar and beat on low speed, scraping the sides of your bowl as you go.  Halfway through, add the vanilla and a 1-4 tbsp of milk and continue beating until light and fluffy. Add food coloring to achieve the color you want.

Here's a tip - I used piping bags to decorate my cookies using a technique that I learned from Jenny Keller of Jenny's Cookies while I was at BASH!  I never even thought of using buttercream before (which I loooove)  to decorate cookies because I'm so used to those really cute royal icing ones I see very talented cookie artists design.  Now, when (and if) I make decorated cookies, I know that it will be a lot easier - and fun - especially since I've find my new cookie shortcut bestie with these Nestlé Toll House Rolled and Ready Cookie Dough sheets!

Once your cookies are decorated, you can place them into a simple decorated cake as fun edible toppers or onto a platter for everyone you love to enjoy!  Using these cookie pops as cake toppers is a fun, quick and super simple idea for any occasion!


Nestlé Toll House Rolled and Ready Cookie Dough is the perfect baking product for someone who loves to bake but doesn't always have the time.  It's convenient, affordable and it's nearly mess-free allowing, even the kids to get in on the fun!!!  It comes packaged as two flat sheets that are floured on the bottom to prevent sticking.  The only thing a semi-homemade gal like me has to do is open the package, get out some cookie cutters and commence to baking and decorating them!

If you're looking for a convenient and delicious cookie dough to create fun cookies to enjoy with your family and friends, look for Nestle Toll House Refrigerated Cookie Dough in the refrigerated section of your grocery store.

Thank you to Nestle Toll House for sponsoring this post. Product and compensation was provided for this post, however, all opinions are fully my own.

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