Thursday, May 1, 2014

{Easy DIY} How to Make a Yarn Ball

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If you do any kind of needle crafts (I don't needle craft - but I work with yarn all the time for my yarn pompom garlands) you might find it handy to wrap your yarn into balls!  When I purchase skeins of yarn, they are usually easy to work with.  There is a center-pull string and a wrap around string.  I prefer to use the center-pull string to work with.  However, sometimes it just doesn't always work out for me. It sometimes snags or gets tangled.  When I have a skein of yarn that is fussy, I end up tossing it a bin and balling it.  I recently noticed that I had lots of loose skeins that needed balling so, I took a quiet Saturday afternoon and balled up a bunch of yarn.

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Here's how you can create these easy to make yarn balls (by hand, without a machine.....especially if you're cheap budget conscious like me!)  There is no rhyme or reason to my process, it's just how I make them.  I start by wrapping a strand of yarn around two fingers several times.

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Then, I remove the wrapped yarn from my fingers and wrap a length of yarn around the center and create a bow.

create a yarn bow, balling yarn, how to make a yarn ball

Once I've wrapped the yarn around the center of the bow a few times, I bend it in the middle and wrap around a few more times until I have somewhat of a rounded square.

Balling Yarn, winding yarn, create a ball of yarn, wind a ball of yarn

Then, I continue to wrap around the square shape until I start forming a ball....sometimes, I shape it with my hands as I go along.

create yarn balls, wind yarn, yarn crafting, needle crafts

Continue to wrap the yarn, being sure to rotate it as you go - otherwise you can end up with an oval shaped yarn ball. After the ball is complete I tuck the end string under a few of the strings on the ball and voila!

how to make a yarn ball, create a ball of yarn, needle crafting tips, how to make a pompom
This is a super easy way to make yarn balls - makes my life so much easier.

Do you have a tip on making these or a way that you store your yarn for making your needle crafts easier? Leave a comment on this post and share!


  1. Love these! I had an idea for a baby shower and saw these yarn balls and was wondering how they were made. Thanks for sharing.

  2. @Katie - they're so easy....if you don't want to use a lot of yarn, cause it can get time consuming - start out with a Styrofoam ball!


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