Thursday, April 5, 2012

{Thursday Inspiration} DIY Gift Wrap

Today, I am sharing my own crafty creation as inspiration to you with this super easy DIY kraft paper gift wrap!

Yesterday, I posted that it was my baby girl's birthday.  After staying up late making a birthday card for her, I was too tired to wrap her present.  So, I brought her gift into work (my job that pays the bills)  to wrap it - except sleep deprived me,  forgot to bring the wrapping paper!

So, what's a crafty mama to do when in a pinch and no time to go to the store?  Sneak into the mail room and snag some supplies!!!  Okay, I didn't sneak, I asked permission, but the former sounds much more exciting, right?!!!  Anyhoo, I grabbed brown kraft paper, 1" round adhesive mailing labels, scissors and tape!

This was so easy to do, took only a few minutes and was quite therapeutic!  I just eyeballed where the labels would go and voila! How about it?  This hip polka dot gift wrap that looks like it came straight from Paper-Source!

I love the way the round labels look against the kraft paper, they're the frosty kind, so it almost gives the gift wrap a painted on effect.

The ribbon was something I already had on hand, so I tied a simple bow to the gift to finish it off.  The card was made using my Cricut.  

(I would love to show you the pictures I took of some of the other party items I made with my Cricut for her classroom party, but after my phone was nabbed last week (long story), those pictures are long gone.  I'll be making more party favors for her big party in a few weeks and will share all the details.)

You can use this same technique by applying plain white labels to white kraft paper for a tone on tone effect.  For an embossed look add clear glossy labels to solid color wrapping paper.  If you want to be a bit more trendy, try embellishing plain white or black wrapping paper with neon labels.

There are loads of ways to be creative when packaging gifts. Leave a comment below -I would love to see your ideas or read tips you would like to share. I hope you were inspired today!


  1. great idea! I was thinking of how to spruce up the kraft bakery boxes I'm planning to buy for my girls baking party--and this is a great solution!

  2. @Rose Marie - I think that would look super cute!!!


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