Friday, December 22, 2017

Letter to Santa Printable

When I was little girl, we had this huge birch wood paneled wall unit that had a fake built-in fire place with a real life-like rolling fire.  I was told by my grandmother, that every Christmas Eve, Santa came through that 'fire place' to deliver his presents on Christmas Day. 

As a child, I was pretty good at figuring things out- especially when they didn't make sense.  That being said, around the age of seven, I realized that there is no possible way a whole man can fit down a chimney and survive jumping through a fire without the inevitable happening.  If that wasn't absolutely, most certainly, wasn't happening if we didn't even have a chimney with a real fire place.

Well, as I shared in an earlier post, my kids questioning Santa's existence.....because of all the playground talk about the cover up him being an imaginary person.  Maybe in a way, I'm lucky, because no one ever really told me that Santa wasn't, all these years, I still kept up this idea that even if I couldn't see him...there must be something special in imagining that he was.   That's why, I still continued to believe, love and revel in the magic of Christmas!

Christmas is absolutely one of my most favorite holidays.  So, I kind of feel bad (not really) that my kids are just at that age where they're questioning if the jolly man in the red suit is real. any good mom....ahem.....I over compensate by doing all the fun Christmas Eve things for my kiddos.

Each and every year, we keep tradition and leave out cookies and write letters to Santa on Christmas Eve on the coffee table.  This year I upped the ante and set up a Treats for Santa Station and designed printable Letters to Santa templates for my kids to easily list ways they've behaved and to let Santa know their Christmas wish.   

I found a cute North Pole mailbox at Michaels to put our letters in....I can't tell you how many times I walked past it on my many visits to the store (as I practically live at Micheals).   Luckily, I nabbed it during a good sale and it is perfect!  

As a gift to you - for being awesome, you can download and print a copy of the printable letters for your lil' elves if you'd like!  

You can also print the 'Treats for Santa'labels that I designed and used as cupcake toppers for our treats station.   Merry Christmas!

I'll be spending the rest of the week making lots of Christmas crafts, decorating, baking and watching movies with my kids and hubby.  I am excited that the end of the year is here and that I can (hopefully) take some much needed time to spend with my family.  I've already started some crafting and decorating my 'holiday' home. 

I've had a very busy year and I love my family for supporting me and being patient with me as I continue to push through on my blogging journey and  run my Etsy shop.  They deserve my time and attention and I'm just ready to give it all to them!  I hope you are also spending lots of quality time with your loved ones and making magical holiday memories.

Want your own FREE printable Letter to Santa and Treats for Santa tags?  Download and Print here



How will you be spending these last days before Christmas?  I'd love to know! 
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