Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas Eve Treats for Santa

Thank you to Oriental Trading Company for sponsoring this post. Product and/or compensation was provided to me to share my ideas and tips, however, all opinions are fully my own. 

Lately, my son has been questioning the existence of Santa Claus -  like, a lot.  He's at an age where most of the kids are finding out the real deal.  Yet (to my delight), he still believes in Old St. Nick and refuses to feed into any of the stories his little buddies on the playground are telling him about Mom and Dad being the gifting culprits.  My daughter on the other hand....she 'believes'....but she's still trying to disprove.  She's placed a cute sign in her room on a dry erase board that says, Santa, if you came please sign here.

Well, since we still have a few believers in our house, I thought that a fun way to make the most of the magic of Christmas would be to set up a special treats station for Santa.  What better way to get in good with Santa  than offering up a nice and warm and welcome to our home as he's making his rounds on Christmas Eve?

I chose some products from Oriental Trading Company to help create a festive treat station with delicious plate of cookies, cupcakes and  Christmas favor boxes filled with 'reindeer nibble' (mini pretzels, popcorn, melted white chocolate, sprinkles, and Christmas M&M's)

This is such an easy idea to recreate.  I didn't go all out with treats, we just chose some of Santa's favorite cookies and snacks from the store bakery section.  The station was set up in the man cave...on account it's the perfect setting for Santa to slip down the fireplace and out of our wood burning stove.  I placed the cupcakes and cookies onto layered paper plates from Oriental Trading Company.  A delicious cup of hot cocoa would await a chilly Santa Claus and warm him right on up.  On his way out, Santa can grab a treat box filled with reindeer nibble for his herd to keep them going through the night. 

I really wanted to make this space bright and fun.  So, I chose festive pieces like this whimsical table top rocket sleigh featuring Santa and all his North Pole pals. I really got a kick out of the expressions on their faces.

I also loved these felt cone trees.  I placed them on either side of the stove and I think they give just the right pop of color and accent that space well. 

The wooden painted Nordic Noel Ornaments were perfect addition to our white 4 foot tree, while the Nordic Noel tree skirt tied it all together and to finish it all off a pompom star tree topper - of course!

Although my kids are just about at the age where they realize that Santa coming down the chimney to bring them gifts, my not be real, I still love that they believe just enough in the wonder and spirit of Christmas....and so long as they believe, I'll keep finding fun ways to make their holiday magical!......and I know that 'Santa' will enjoy nibbling on his sweet treats while drinking his 'special' hot cocoa on Christmas Eve ;)



Thanks again to 
Oriental Trading for always providing the most adorable and festive elements for my all my holiday ideas! 


How are you getting ready for the final days of Christmas.  I would love to hear!
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