Tuesday, December 1, 2015

5 Perfect Gold Gift Ideas

I have a public service announcement - Gold is still HOT! I'm so not over the gold trend - are you?.....I mean, how can I be? I was so into it last year that I based my whole Christmas decor on my love of all things gold, sparkly and shiny with a Silver and Gold Rustic Luxe holiday look - remember this?

Let's be honest though, people....does gold ever really go out of style?  There is just something so luxurious about the tone of this precious metal that just brightens my day and I doubt it's going anywhere anytime soon.  It's so hot that I am noticing that my Mini Diva gets excited when she sees something that is 'golden' (so cute).  I have a whole new holiday theme this year, but I promise you I am going to find a way to throw some gold up into the mix!

So, If you're like me or you are looking for a few affordable gifts for the person in your life who loves gold (like a lot), I'm sharing five gift ideas (all under $25)  that are gilded to perfection!  

(my fave)

If you like these gift picks, get them for the person you love most or yourself and  I get a small commission if you do!  Sparkle and Shine this Christmas - and always STAY GOLDEN!

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