Thursday, October 8, 2015

Finger Puppet Ghost Cookie

Hi! I'm Kim, The Partiologist and I'm happy to be a part of 13 Days of Handmade Halloween hosted by Keisha of Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams.

I can't wait to see what everyone is up to in the next couple of weeks, so be sure to check back each day to find new and exciting Halloween Crafts.

Today, let's have fun playing with our food, okay?  Something not only kids will want to do.

Finger Puppet Ghost Cookie!

Obviously, your child's fingers will be much smaller than mine.  Mine were the only ones around for the photo and I had to make do.

You know, you do what you have to do.  Can't you just imagine those little fingers making each ghost dance around?  With an entire cast, they could put on a puppet show.

Let's get this show on the road, here's the how to~

Start by rolling out your favorite sugar cookie dough.  I recommend using a recipe that will hold it's shape, like the No Fail Sugar Cookie recipe.  Cut with a ghost shaped cookie cutter.  With a small round cutter, cut two holes toward the bottom of each ghost.

Once the cookies come out of the oven and are still hot, you may need to go back and re-cut the holes if they lost their shape.  Fill a pastry bag with white royal icing.  Cut the end of the bag and flood the ghost cookie.

If you're adding a bow, now is the time to gather your ribbon, cut and tie into a bow.  I wanted to add color to my ghosts, so I airbrushed each in a chevron pattern with color to match the bows.

Once the cookies are airbrushed, add a dot of royal icing to the upper left side.  Stick the bow to the cookie.  Add two more dots of royal icing for the eyes.  Cut a tiny oval out of black fondant.  Stick the fondant on the cookie.  All the ghosts are ready for the show.  Aren't they Boo ti-ful?

 It's up to you to write the script! 
Thank you Keisha for hosting 13 Days of Handmade Halloween, it's going to be Scary Fun!

I'm your puppet master!

Thank YOU, Kim - you're pretty darn creative!  I can't get over how adorable those cookies are and I imagine they're equally delicious!  To find more great ideas visit the Handmade Halloween archives!

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