Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bone Chilling Halloween Ice Cream Party

Host a BONE CHILLING skeleton themed ice cream or I-SCREAM Halloween party!

Celebrate Halloween this year with an ice cream party that will make your brain freeze and sure to make you scream...with delight!

Clearly, ice cream is a summer thing, but honestly, who stops eating ice cream just because the weather is cooler?  I know I don't so, throwing a Halloween Ice Cream party will NEVER not be a thing!  Making this party a success was super easy.  I ordered some fun items from Oriental Trading, raided my party stash and dashed to the store to grab a few cartons and cups of ice cream, along with some ghoulish fixins!  The glasses were the inspiration for my overall theme, SKELETONS!  So, I used a lot of skulls, bones and skeletons everywhere for my bone chillin' bash!

I found these Skeleton Hand Glasses and knew they'd be perfect for holding ice cream cones.  I lucked up and found chocolate ones from Walmart!  SCORE!  Be careful with using big cones....once you put your ice cream in them, they are a bit top heavy and TRUST ME you don't want ice cream crashing down all over your pretty party table.......IJS. You can add small plastic skeleton hands to the top of spoons for added creepability!

These cardboard coffins were dollar store finds and I painted them with black chalkboard paint (make sure whenever you paint something that the paint is either non-toxic or protected with a food safe material).  You can fill your containers with whatever toppings you want.  I chose marshmallows, crushed bones,  gummy body parts, peanut butter flavored candy corn (cracked teeth), gummy worms and crushed oreo cookies (hallowed ground).

Realistic snakes slithered around small ice cream cups that I placed on a tiered stand.  I painted a lot of the items I received from Oriental Trading with black paint.....I just wanted a different look.  Remember, when in doubt....paint!  

OH LOOK!  My little 'ghoul' popped up to taste out all the goodies!

We also figured that ice cream could be a 'feast for crows' and dolled up two crows with a little Elizabethan Swag!  These black and white candy treats are great favors and can also go with any spooky soiree!

If you love a party you love a good party favor and these spooky soiree bags can be filled with treats for those who have allergies and filled with toys or other non-food takeaways!  Place them on a pedestal platter flanked by a spooky bird spindle with a decorative chalkboard sign letting guests know they're in for a treat!  I loved the look of this chalkboard sign, but because it was cardboard, the grooves in the material showed through the lettering -- just and FYI.

With all these fun ideas you too can host a fabulous Halloween ice cream party!

Hey - I didn't want to miss another year of fun with my favorite blogger  +Vanessa V  and her annual Halloween Party!  I'm serving up some double-scoop double duty and re-posting this party!

(“This post is based strictly on my opinion. Others may have a different opinion or experience with the product(S) listed above. I was provided items free of charge by Oriental Trading and I provided my honest opinion. No other type of compensation was received for this review.”) 

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