Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Trunk or Treat Blog Hop

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Load up your car with lots of tricks and treats this Halloween for a fun Trunk or Treat celebration!  I've teamed up with a few blogging friends for a hop to share different ways to decorate your trunk for Halloween!

Ya'll know that Halloween is just about my most favorite holiday to celebrate.  So, when it came to finding ideas for my theme.....I didn't have to look far.  I literally pulled everything for this trunk (other than the candy) right out of my Halloween stash - it cost me less than $20 to pull all of this together and under an hour to set up.

This Trunk or Treat thing is new to me.  I had to research what it is all about.  You should see some of the wild themes that people come up with.  Since I am working on several other Halloween projects, I thought I'd make things pretty simple and share how to easily and affordably decorate a trunk for Halloween.

For the decor I did a lot of pattern play and wanted to  pull in the colors from a plaid table cover that I found last year at the thrift store.   Since plaid is very trendy right now, I'm WINNING!!!  (PS is plaid really ever NOT trendy?)  Mixing up patterns works well here because I'm staying consistent with the black, orange and grey color scheme.

I set up my trunk by hanging creepy cloth and black felt to the inside roof of the car and secured the fabric with stick pins.  Then I hung a banner that I made with a few pieces of scrapbook paper just to add a pop of color to all of that black.

Since my third row folds down, I was able to create a little height and level to the area where I wanted to place my candy and snacks.  I used the black and orange plaid cloth just to cover up and protect the seats.  Then I built up my display area by placing a wooden crate upside down to hold my treat bags.  I also used styrofoam gravestones to camouflage the paneling in the car.  I lined the floor of the trunk with a spiderweb patterned fabric and used more creepy cloth gauze to cover up the closure for the trunk.  A simple chalkboard sign tied it all together!  How's that for some neat tricks?  All that was left to do after my setup was to add my treats!

Seriously, you cannot have a Halloween anything, without popcorn!  I love popcorn and general and it's always a great treat for Halloween.  I just purchased bags of popcorn, lined a black plastic cauldron with an orange cloth napkin and filled that with butter popcorn!  YUM-O!!!

I purchased these glitter jack-o-lantern buckets from Target a few years bag.  It takes quite a bit of candy to fill.  So, to keep things simple, I filled this bucket with crumpled newspaper and decorative filler and topped it with Halloween lollipops.

I used these bags to hold mini pretzels that I purchased from the Dollar store.  There were 8 bags in this package...which worked out great because the pretzels were not the cute ones you can buy during Halloween with the themed packaging....they were just  basic bags of pretzels.   So, I tossed them in these cute Halloween Cat topped bags and voila!  Instant Halloween swag!

I have never done a trunk or treat, but now, I'm hooked.  It took me very little time to set up, it's totally mobile and if I wanted to just host a party in my drive way, it means less work decorating my house!!!  SWEET!!!  There are several trunk or treats happening in my area and I'm definitely down to share my Halloween flair with the community.  Be sure to hop on over to visit what my blogging pals are sharing for their Halloween trunk fun!

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