Friday, September 25, 2015

Fashionista Dress Up Party Photo Booth Ideas

pink, feather boa, cheetah print hat

Last week I shared some fun moments and activities that we set up for my daughter's Fashionista Dress Up party.  Here's a look at how I set up a photo booth station for her and her friends to model their looks!

If you've been following for a while, you might remember the project that I worked on with Sizzix to make this fashionista party banner  that we used to accent our striped fabric backdrop (you can get this at Ikea).  Once the girls put on their little black dresses (some used them as skirts) they added their accessories and were ready for their shoot.  Here's a look at all the fun they had.....and let me tell you, they're ALL little Naomi's, Veronica's and Tyra's in the making!!!!

Sizzix, party banner, makeup party decor

dress up, party banner, fashion accessories

Mini top hat, fashion accessories, fashion party

(These poses, tho' - I can't!)

fashion party, little models, fashion accessories

leopard print hat, big hat, cool shades, feather boas

dress up, fancy shades, little black dress

party banner, makeup party, fashion

feather boa, geometric purse, furry jacket, tutu

makeup, lipstick, party, banner

I used the Cutie Insta Frames svg. download from the Sizzix eShape Store to make these adorable frames for the girls to use as props!  This was one of the other projects I worked on for Sizzix that didn't get shared, but you can download the files here to make your own.

hearts, black and white stripes, pink feather boas

photo props, fashion party, tutu, jewelry

tutu, feather boa, pink fashion jacket, cheetah print hat

tutu, fashion looks, girl party

photo prop, feather boa, tutu, Atutudes

To create the 'photo booth' I hung the striped fabric to our tent using clothespins to secure it at the top.  Then placed the banner across the top middle for  some color and fun.  All that was left to do was let the girls show off their fab looks and toss in a few props for fun!

Check back next week to see the final and BEST part of our fashionista celebration - the sweets table!!!!

Styling & Design: Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams
Tutu (as seen in main photo): Atutudes
Embroidered tank (as seen in main photo): Great Stitch

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