Tuesday, June 23, 2015

10 Summer Entertaining Ideas

This post is a bit for the grown folk!  As I approach 4.0 (sshhhhh - don't tell anyone), I find myself thinking of more ways I can spend time with folks taller than 3ft.  So, it was only perfect timing when Paperless Post hit me up asking could I share some ideas for Summer Entertaining.  Can I?  Of course I can!  This mama looooves sharing ideas about all kinds of par-tays....'specially grown folk ones!  So, without further ado - here's my 10 Summer Entertaining Must Haves!

Dining Al Fresca?  Invite the neighbors over for a fun time!  Here's how I do it!:

1. Perfect Invites (Paperless Post) - There are so many options. I love the look and style of the invitations available - and you can save a tree and send them electronically  If you MUST have paper order a bunch and blast them out the good old fashioned postal way!

2. Awesome Tracks - SRSLY...When it comes to my music, I'm an 80's and 90's kinda gal....and I do NOT discriminate.  I absolutely love rap, pop, rock, grunge, metal, R&B, New Jack Swing, it all. So, at my poorties you will certainly have a good mix of sounds to enjoy and shake a tail feather at.  As a hostess, I say, play your faves and if you know your audio audience well, pull up your favorite genre on Milk or iTunes and let the good sounds roll, baby!

3. Mobile Tableware - Best advice you will ever me....put EVERYTHING in a tiny cup or small disposable plate.  No need to buy huge plates for everyone to load up (and probably spill on their cute outfit).  Dainty is so much me.

4. Lemonade Bar - Little ones set up lemonade stands, but grown folk, we have Lemonade Bars!  Serve up your best lemonade with a bevy of fixins and mix-ins, like berries, peaches, watermelon, mint and rosemary for your guests to build their own custom refreshing beverage.  If you REALLY want to take it up a notch....pour a lil' Limoncello in your glass!  I love using tall Ball Mason Jars and paper straws to dress up my drinks. Serve them from pretty glass dispensers and place them on top of wooden crates with glasses stored in the nooks!

5. Yard Amusements - Who doesn't love a fun yard game?  I am loving the trend of over the top board games like Giant Jenga and Yard Dominoes! Once the sun sets try out a night time game!  This idea for glow in the dark yard bowling is so fun and easy!

6.Warming Station - In some parts of our lovely world, summer air gets a little chilly.  Create a space in your yard that's comfy and cozy.  Purchase a fire pit or build your own fire pit and let your guest lounge & luxe around the warmth of a lovely fire.

7. Delicious Edibles - You MUST have food at a party.  I mean you MUST.  For summer events,  I like to have food stuff that is easy to make, easy to hold and easy to eat.   I love grilled chicken drumettes, sliced skirt steak, my favorite lemon garlic shrimp and fresh crunchy crudites.  You can grill everything, place them platters and let everyone dig in.

8. Comfy Seating - I love making my guests feel as comfortable as possible.  A lovely outdoor living space is such a great way to enjoy the summer air and engage in great conversation.  Pick a quiet corner of your yard and adorn your outdoor furniture and seating with large fluffy pillows and cushions, warm blanket throws, hardy outdoor succulents and fragrant blooms. Mix and match bold patterns with fun expressive throw pillows like these by 
Tomkat Studio

9. Outdoor Lighting - Cafe lights.....that is all.   I mean, they're great, they give off the perfect amount of lighting....and they'll make you think you're in Paris!  Also, candles are another great option for lighting, especially those with citronella to keep away pesky bugs.  I love these Citronella filled jar candles by Pier One.

10. Sweet Tasties - I just think it is SO WRONG to not have s'mores for a summer bash!  Set up a Build-Your- Own S'mores Bar this summer.  Long gone are the days of the classic graham cracker, marshmallow and plain chocolate bar.  Up the ante and try topping your s'mores with a different variety of toppings!

This summer, have a ball with family and friends!  If you're looking to host a summer soiree, send a blast invite to your friends and use Paperless Post to spread the word!

I did not receive compensation from Paperless Post. All opinions are my own.

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