Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mother's Day Floral Wall Hanging

Today I'm sharing how to make a colorful and affordable Mother's Day Floral Wall Hanging.

I purchased a bunch of silk flowers from the Dollar Store and found two succulent plants and a wooden tray and letters.  I scored big on the succulents as they were on clearance and I also had a 50% off coupon and paid just $3 for my tray and my letters were just a little over $3.  The rest of the supplies I already had on hand.  So, the total cost to make this was around $21.

To make this project I used the following supplies:
Fake flowers
Styrofoam (the photo shows green floral foam, I ended up using basic Styrofoam because I realized I needed to paint it),
Unfinished wooden tray
Wooden letters that spell out M-O-M
Moss sheets
Floral wire
Foam brush
Glue gun
Picture hanging kit

For this project I used  Folk Art Acrylic Paint in Patina to paint the tray.

To be sure I knew where I wanted the letters to go, I placed them on the tray along with the flowers.  Once I was happy with where everything was situated I took a photo of my layout so, I could have a visual of where everything was placed, as I was going to remove the items so I could actually paint the tray.

As the paint dried, I traced, then cut out letters from the moss sheets and hot glued them on.

Once the tray was dry and my letters completely wrapped with moss, I filled it with broken pieces of Styrofoam and then added the letters and flowers.

Once all the flowers were back in place, I hot glued them into the Styrofoam and then wrapped a bit of floral wire around the moss letters.

Florals are such a big thing right now, so, I know this project will make a great Mother's Day Gift, and because the flowers will never die, it can be brought out year after year!  If you end up making this project, I'd love to see your version.  Leave a link to your photo below. 

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