Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fall Front Door Project

This is a product review for Modern Masters Front Door Paint.  All opinions are my own.

I recently had an opportunity to give my front door new life using Modern Masters Never Fades Front Door Paint in the color Sophisticated (red).  Considering how janky our front door was looking for the past few years, I jumped at the chance to give it a face lift!

To start, we perused the Modern Masters  Front Door Paint Collection for new colors.  Our door was already a deep scarlet shade of red and I really wanted to paint the door black for a more chic and neutral look, but my husband said red doors are a sign of good luck.  So, I went along with it and we chose our favorite from the shades of red that were available and selected Sophisticated!  

I love how Modern Moments selected the names of the colors. Each one plays off of a human emotion - that's pretty darn cool, if you ask me!  If you aren't sure what color will work best on your home, 
You can use a their Front Door App! 

We had a lot of prep work to do.  I was so grateful that my husband pitched right in and helped clean, fill, sand, tape and even paint the whole door......along with his trusty assistant!

When you're prepping your door for painting, make sure you clean it well.  There was a lot of dirt and grime on the door.  We used a regular non-bleach household cleaner to wipe the door down.  Then, we patched up holes with wood filler and sanded the door down in the areas that were rough to smooth it out.  We wiped the door down again after sanding and then taped up areas around the fixtures.  I learned a neat trick from my husband when painting over door stickers.  Use painter's tape and then trim the excess off using a utility knife.  

(I want to add that we do have stickers for our alarm company on the door.  I am not gonna lie.....I erased them out of the main photo because, for reals.....the door doesn't look so cute with them on it).

After all our prep work, we were ready to paint!

Right from the beginning, I knew I was going to love this paint color on our door.  It was rich and vibrant and had a very smooth consistency.  We didn't need very much for our door.  We were able to paint it in with two coats in just under 3 hours (we allowed it to dry for an hour after the first coat).  Other than a little peeling when we removed the painters tape from our fixtures (we touched that up easily), I believe this paint job was a success!

 It's been about 2 weeks since I painted the door and each time I go home, I am amazed how awesome our door looks.  It's like  a breath of fresh air!  No more dull red - yay!  It's holding up very well too.  My husband had his reservations, but he said that it's doing great.

With my door all painted up, I decided to add some fall color and decor to our entryway.  I dressed up the doorway with a bouquet of potted mums - and happy scarecrow people!  I found a few craft pumpkins at the dollar store that I painted with black chalk paint and wrote our house number on with gold paint and I added some ornamental cabbage to a ceramic pumpkin and finished the look with a rustic milk tin! 

I also wanted the door to have some color, so I whipped up a fall wreath with a few artificial flowers, burlap and ribbon.

Although we focused solely on our front door, there is plenty paint left for us to freshen up our shutters and the numbers on our curbside mailbox - but that's a whole other project entirely!

For more details and ideas for painting your front door visit Modern Masters.

Finger Puppet Ghost Cookie

Hi! I'm Kim, The Partiologist and I'm happy to be a part of 13 Days of Handmade Halloween hosted by Keisha of Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams.

I can't wait to see what everyone is up to in the next couple of weeks, so be sure to check back each day to find new and exciting Halloween Crafts.

Today, let's have fun playing with our food, okay?  Something not only kids will want to do.

Finger Puppet Ghost Cookie!

Obviously, your child's fingers will be much smaller than mine.  Mine were the only ones around for the photo and I had to make do.

You know, you do what you have to do.  Can't you just imagine those little fingers making each ghost dance around?  With an entire cast, they could put on a puppet show.

Let's get this show on the road, here's the how to~

Start by rolling out your favorite sugar cookie dough.  I recommend using a recipe that will hold it's shape, like the No Fail Sugar Cookie recipe.  Cut with a ghost shaped cookie cutter.  With a small round cutter, cut two holes toward the bottom of each ghost.

Once the cookies come out of the oven and are still hot, you may need to go back and re-cut the holes if they lost their shape.  Fill a pastry bag with white royal icing.  Cut the end of the bag and flood the ghost cookie.

If you're adding a bow, now is the time to gather your ribbon, cut and tie into a bow.  I wanted to add color to my ghosts, so I airbrushed each in a chevron pattern with color to match the bows.

Once the cookies are airbrushed, add a dot of royal icing to the upper left side.  Stick the bow to the cookie.  Add two more dots of royal icing for the eyes.  Cut a tiny oval out of black fondant.  Stick the fondant on the cookie.  All the ghosts are ready for the show.  Aren't they Boo ti-ful?

 It's up to you to write the script! 
Thank you Keisha for hosting 13 Days of Handmade Halloween, it's going to be Scary Fun!

I'm your puppet master!

Thank YOU, Kim - you're pretty darn creative!  I can't get over how adorable those cookies are and I imagine they're equally delicious!  To find more great ideas visit the Handmade Halloween archives!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

DIY Halloween Paper Pumpkin

Hi, Shannon here from Painting Paris Pink. It's that Spooktacular time of the year again! Yep, Halloween is right around the corner. It's one of my favorite holidays and I do love to decorate for it. I am super excited to be back again as a part of Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams' 13 Days of Handmade Halloween. This year I want to show you how to make an inexpensive and super cute pumpkin out of decorative paper. Make one for Halloween & another for Thanksgiving. These would make a fun addition to your fall table.

Halloween Paper Pumpkins Tutorial

 Let our step by step tutorial show you how to use minimal supplies & time to create a Halloween pumpkin that is sure to delight. Skill Level: Easy Supplies Needed:
  • assortment of Halloween themed scrapbook paper
  • chenille stems (AKA pipe cleaners) - I used brown but wish I had gotten black
  • double sided tape, glue or other adhesive
  • circle cutter, die cut machine OR a circle template and scissors
  • leaf or green paper to cut a leaf
•• NOTES •• I used 8 patterned papers for my 6" pumpkin and 10 patterned papers for my 5" pumpkin. The more papers you use, the fuller your pumpkin will be. 1. Gather your supplies & decide on your pumpkin size (I made one 6" pumpkin & one 5" pumpkin)

Supplies 2

2. Sort your paper into stacks for each pumpkin. Layout your pattern in order of your preference 3. Using your circle cutter, die cut machine or circle template (find some here) cut out your circles for your pumpkin. I love my EK Tools Glass Mat & Circle Cutter)

1st Circle

All Circles

4. Fold your circles in half with the pattern on the inside. Be sure to take note of your pattern as you are folding. Example: if you have a pattern with wording you want to be sure that the fold seam will run lengthwise on your paper.

Fold in Half

5. Using your adhesive (glue, double sided tape, etc), glue your first folded pattern to your 2nd folded pattern. Be sure you are gluing the wrong sides of the paper together •• IMPORTANT •• At this point, hold off on gluing the last paper to the first paper until after the next step

First & Second Layer

6. Before you glue your last 2 pieces (first paper to the last paper) together, use a pair of scissors and cut the bottom off of your papers (be sure to check your patterns before cutting... you don't want to cut off the top and have your patterns upside down). This will ensure that your pumpkin will have a
flat base to sit upon.

   Cut Ends for Bottom

7. Now glue your first and last piece together. You should be left with an accordion style looking

   Accoridan Style Pumpkin

Pumpkin part 1

 8. Fan out your pumpkin and stand it upright. Using a pencil or your finger, wrap the chenille stem (pipe cleaner) around a few times to make a Curly Q. Insert the straight end of the stem down through the center of your pumpkin until the Curly Q rests on the top and trim the excess from the bottom. Add your leaf in the same spot as your stem. You can glue them into place if you'd like.

Leaf & Stem

Finished Pumpkins

Voila! Instant, easy & inexpensive Halloween decor. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and we'd love to see your version on our Facebook page. Pop on over and share your pics on our page!

Shannon & Katherine
Painting Paris Pink


Thanks, Shannon!  This paper pumpkin idea is totally mantle-worthy and is a perfect way to use up all that extra scrapbook paper that many of us crafty folks have sitting around!  If you're looking for more diy ideas view our Handmade Halloween archives!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Halloween Eyeball Garland

Hey everyone! Today I am sharing a super quick, super easy and super inexpensive craft idea that will be perfect for Halloween plus it's a craft that your kids can help with or even do all by themselves. I'm guessing that it took me about 15 minutes to complete and cost me nothing because I already had all of the supplies on hand but if you didn't, I imagine it may cost you around five bucks to do! Now that's my kind of craft!

I initially came up with this idea because I had decorated my mantel for Halloween and thought to myself that I would like a little something hanging in the front but didn't want a banner or anything too big. So I looked around in my craft supplies to see if I could come up with anything quick and easy and this is what I came up with for you.

This is how to make this quick 'Halloween Eyeball Garland':

Step 1:
Gather all of the supplies you will need. You may not even have to go to the store for this as I had all of these supplies on hand. But if you do, make sure to pick up a bag of multi-colored poms (I choose a multi-color bag & picked out the green and purple ones to use), a package of these googly eyes that are small enough to fit on the poms, something to string the poms with (I prefer to use fishing line so you can't see it) and also a needle and scissors. Oh and you may want your glue gun if your package of google eyes doesn't have sticker backs but if they do you are golden. ;)

Step 2:
If you happen to have sticker back googly eyes, then just peal off the backs and stick to the poms. If you don't or are like me and want to ensure the eyes do NOT come off, just take your glue gun and add a drop before putting on the poms. Continue doing this until you have all of the poms you will need for your garland. I made 20 for mine but it could have easily looked good with more on it, it just depends what you want on it.


Step 3:
Thread up your fishing line or whatever you would like to string your poms with and then start stringing. I have found if you stick the needle in just a tiny bit from the center, it will go through a little easier and still hold the pom on the line for you.

That is it. Now hang up your Halloween Eyeball Garland anywhere you like and enjoy! Told you it was quick and easy . . . so easy in fact that I think I will string some more for another place I have in mind! ;) 

I just love Halloween crafting don't you? Hopefully this will inspire you to make your own as it really is super easy & makes Halloween a little more fun!

Are you loving the "eye candy" here? 

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Looking forward to seeing you again! :)

Thanks, Laura!  That garland is scary cute!  Such a quick and easy project!  Want to see more scary delights?  Visit our 13 Days of Handmade Halloween archived projects.

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