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Thursday, April 17, 2014

{FREE Printables} Jelly Bean Easter Printables

So, I try to be a girl who keeps her best I can. I REALLY wanted to share the adorable Jelly Bean Easter party ideas I had planned for today, but sometimes life gets in the way. My computer crashed on me this morning, and while I have a laptop, my laptop doesn't like my printer. So, no cute party ideas or photos to share today because I wasn't able to print out anything to go with!

I am so bummed. On the bright side....I can still do a FREE DOWNLOAD for you!
I loooove this set - it's so adorable, it includes a banner, cupcake toppers (some of them read, 'I am so Jelly Right now, Cray-Cray Jelly,....OMG!!! Jelly...... - cute right?  If I can get my crazy printer to talk to my laptop  --  I might do a recap after the Easter holiday - because I think a jelly bean theme can work for a baby shower, a first birthday.....or for someone who just loves jelly beans!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

{Sweet Treats} Jelly Bean Bark

jelly bean bark, Easter Recipes, Easter Candy
In the midst of all the planning I have going on for Thing 1's Cupcake Party (more on that later this week) I realized that I still need to share some Easter fun.  I created the cutest Jelly Bean printables for Easter (promise to make them available before Thursday......PROMISE) and wanted to have some kind of sweet treat to go along with them.  So, I got the kids together to make Jelly Bean Bark!

The idea popped  into my head - or rather, dropped onto my head when I was digging around in my cabinet and a package of Almond Bark fell on me.  I realized I needed to use this stuff quick as I purchased it after the Xmas holiday and didn't want it to go old on me.  With Easter around the corner and a bag full of Jelly Beans sitting in my candy stash, I figured, why not make Jelly Bean Bark.  Now, I've made peppermint bark before, but really didn't know if the steps were the same, was there some magic in making Jelly Bean Bark?  Nope - it's crazy easy - I found instructions for Jelly Bean Bark here and wanted to try it for myself. 

This is such an easy treat to make all you need is Almond Bark, shortening and Jelly Beans! Follow these easy steps to make your own (I know my pictures look crappy - camera phone pics - just go with it)

We melted down the almond bark for like 1 1/2 minutes with about 2 tbsp of Crisco shortening. 

almond bark candy ideas, how to melt almond bark, almond bark jelly beans

Then we stirred a bunch of jellybeans into the mixture and poured it onto a parchment lined baking sheet.

Leftover Jelly Beans, Leftover Easter Candy, Leftover Candy, Jelly Bean Bark

Easy Easter Candy, How To Candy, Candy Ideas for Easter

We added a bunch more jellybeans and allowed them to cool in the fridge overnight (I want to let you know, I decided to do this at like 8pm last night and there was no way that my kids were getting all that sugar before bedtime.....but it really only takes about 15-20 minutes for the bark to set up in the fridge.)

Chocolate Candy Treats, Holiday Candy, Easter Ideas

Easter Candy, Homemade Candy, Jelly Bean Desserts

Once it was set, I broke the bark into chunks and put them in plastic baggies  and let the kids have their fair share for the day.  Hopefully, the other pieces I hid are still there :)

Easter Parties, Easter Egg Hunt, Jelly Bean Recipes

Easter Treats, Jelly Bean Bark, Easter Recipes

In my next post, I'll share more jelly bean fun with you (including the free printables I designed).....PROMISE!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

{Pretty Crafty} Easy Paper Flower Tutorial

Today, I am sharing another crafty item I created for the English Garden Inspired Spring Party shoot I styled for the spring issue of Everyday Party Magazine. For the favor bags, I made gift tags that featured a handmade paper flower. These flowers were so easy to make and they don't take much time at all.

paper crafts, paper flowers, garden party

Here are the step by step instructions for you to make your own!
paper flower, paper crafts, spring party

Here's a look at all the flowers I made for this shoot -aren't they pretty?!!!!

paper crafts, paper flower, favor tags, garden party ideas
A few tips:

  • To make the flower a little more dimensional, I curled the edges of the petals with my fingers, you can also use a wooden dowel or pencil to get the same effect.  I also inked the edges of the flowers, as well, with a bit of Distress Ink.

  • Keep a small bowl of ice water near you in case you get burned by the hot glue, no fun making pretty things with burned fingers!

  • You don't have to use a 1" circle punch, you can make the flowers as big as you'd like.  You might need more flowers if you do go bigger - but I'm not 100% sure - if you happen to make them using larger circles, please share a picture and leave it in the comments box, I'd love to see how it turned out.


Friday, April 4, 2014

{Friday Faves} Sparkle Rainbows and My Daughter

(Every first and third Friday of the month, I will share some of my favorite things - could be products I love, a cute idea or craft, a post from another blogger that I find interesting or any random thing that struck my interest.  Hopefully some of my faves will become yours too!)

Today's Faves:

Sparkle Rainbow Party by Soiree Event Design - party pal, Tonya Coleman always outdoes herself with her well crafted parties.  This week she shared a Sparkle Rainbow Party she threw for her daughter, that had a My Little Pony theme to it.  This party was SPARK-tacular!!!  (Hey when you read the post - check out those cute orange and pink top hats the little guests are wearing yeah, that's my handiwork! ;)

My other FAVORITE today happens to be celebrating her birthday!!!!  This little princess is one of my  FAVORITE people in the world - who I love with all my life and breath - my baby girl!  Today is the Mini Diva's Birthday!  Thing 1 turned 9 and I cannot believe I have a TWEEN!!!!  Whaaaaat?  I could give you endless reasons why she is my fave -but for now, I'll just send her birthday wishes and lots of love!!!!

Okay - I'll share one of the reasons she's my fave - she's crafty like her momma - she made that birthday badge for her to wear to school!!! (....gotta do a DIY on that!)


Thursday, April 3, 2014

{DIY Decor} Twine Wrapped Eggs

Last week I shared my Spring Garden Party shoot with you.  There were a few handmade projects that I worked on for the shoot that I wanted to share.  The first one is a DIY on the Twine Wrapped Eggs that I displayed on the sweets table.

rustic Easter Crafts, Spring Crafts, Easter Crafts, Twine crafts

This project took me about an hour to make the six eggs I used for this shoot.  You can display the eggs in a basket, glass apothecary jar or simple vase.  Place a bit of floral moss in the container then add the eggs and you have a fun and rustic decorative piece to celebrate the Easter and Spring season!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

{Real Party} Teddy Bear Tea Party for Abigail

This teddy bear tea party was a fun little soiree that I styled for a sweet little girl I know named Abigail!  When her mom contacted me to help plan her daughter's birthday, she mentioned Abi loves teddy bears and we both thought that a teddy bear tea party would be perfect.  Check out all the cuteness that made this party and then read all the details at the bottom of the post.


  • Die cut teddy bear cupcake toppers and banner
  • Adorable teddy bears used throught
  • Fancy tea party sets
  • Lovely tissue paper hat activity

Me and the birthday girl's mom decided that celebrating Abi's love for teddy bears was the perfect way to go for a fun-filled celebration.  I created the invitation and cupcake toppers with my Cricut Explore and I also used it to make a simple personalized Happy Birthday banner.

The sweets table was very simple, I used a festive table cover like I like to use for smaller cake tables; it went perfectly with the decor.  Shimmery pink gum balls were placed in heart shaped dishes and everyone couldn't wait to try the teddy bear cake pops made by Autumn Gadbois of EZ Favors Lollipop Shop.  Cupcakes were displayed on cake stands and to create some height I placed one of the stands on a hat box. I also set up the table with a bouquet of fresh flowers, favor bags and  I added some teddy bears to the table to complete the look.

For the main party tablescape, I used a lace overlay and gold runner to cover the table, and at each place setting a pink plate!  The 'centerpiece' items were really fancy porcelain tea sets, tea sandwiches that were presented on a tiered stand and flavorful tea bags that I placed on square platters.  The rest of the table was outfitted with plush bears and decorative potted flowers that I snagged from the mom's kitchen (I totally had another idea in mind for the table until I saw those flowers - it's amazing what you can do with items you already own).

To keep the girls busy, we had teddy bear coloring pages and a fun tissue paper hat activity.  They really got a kick out of the hats and it was fun to see how the girls decorated each one.  They also all received instruction on how to properly drink tea, 'pinkies up, no slurping!'.

This was such a fun affair and little Abigail was just in her own little world celebrating with her favorite things and favorite people!

Photos & Styling: Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams
Cake Pops: Autumn Lynn's Chocolate Sins

Monday, March 24, 2014

{Styled Party} English Garden Inspired Spring Party

SPRING HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!!!!  You may remember back in January, I posted that my English Garden inspired Spring party was featured in Everyday Party Magazine.  As promised, I am sharing more photos from the shoot in celebration of one of my favorite seasons of the year - SPRING!!!!


  • Yarn Pom-Pom Topiary Cupcakes and mini yarn pom pom garland cake topper.
  • Paper Crafted rosettes, gift tags, flowers, banners and vase wraps with stamped details.
  • Fresh florals, forced bulbs, potted flowers and garden bulbs.
  • Birdcage elements used throughout the overall design. 

Spring Garden Party, yarn pom pom cake topper, garden party, terrarium

Spring Garden Party, yarn pom pom cake topper, garden party, terrarium

Spring Garden Party, yarn pom pom cake topper, garden party, terrarium

Spring Garden Party, yarn pom pom cake topper, garden party, terrarium

Spring Garden Party, yarn pom pom cake topper, garden party, terrarium

Spring Garden Party, yarn pom pom cake topper, garden party, terrarium

Spring Garden Party, yarn pom pom cake topper, garden party, terrarium

Spring Garden Party, yarn pom pom cake topper, garden party, terrarium

Spring Garden Party, yarn pom pom cake topper, garden party, terrarium

Spring Garden Party, yarn pom pom cake topper, garden party, terrarium

Spring Garden Party, yarn pom pom cake topper, garden party, terrarium

Spring Garden Party, yarn pom pom cake topper, garden party, terrarium

Spring Garden Party, yarn pom pom cake topper, garden party, terrarium

Spring Garden Party, yarn pom pom cake topper, garden party, terrarium

Spring Garden Party, yarn pom pom cake topper, garden party, terrarium

This shoot has to be one of my favorites to date.  I came up with the concept when trying to figure out how to use spring items for a shoot that was going to take place in the dead of winter.  After surveying what was available in my party stash, lots of baskets, bins, floral moss, and a random faux terrarium that I found at a thrift shop, I decided an English garden inspired theme would be perfect.  I was trying to lean a bit on the Victorian side of design, as best as I could and incorporated lots of birds, birdcages and topiaries, 

I used a lot of my paper crafting skills to create various decorative items like small rosettes, paper flowers and gift tags.  I also wanted to use vintage seed packets, but couldn't find any, so I grabbed a few packets from Home Depot and aged them with ink.  I love the color green and I happened to have a lot of green scrapbook paper on hand and knew that it would come in handy one day.   I also wanted to incorporate white and earthy browns into the color scheme so, I used burlap, some woven grass baskets, wooden crates and some spring bulbs that I had stashed away in my basement.

For the main dining table, I used a very good quality gift wrapping paper to cover the table, the runner is a simple cut of oversized burlap ribbon.  One item that I initially didn't have on hand, but I really wanted for the table set up, were white birds. I ended up making a few using white spray paint and ceramic birds from the dollar store but they were really not what I wanted.  Well, there's nothing like manifesting what you want, the same week of my shoot, I was at Michaels and found the most adorable white ceramic birds and white bird cages....they cost under $12 total!  I love a good party stash deal! 

I added the birds and the birdcages along the center of the table with forced bulbs that I found in the floral section of my grocery store (another awesome score)!  I also wanted to use vintage seed packets, but couldn't find any to match my color scheme, so I grabbed a few herb seed packets from Home Depot and aged them with ink.   I placed a packet at each place setting to serve as 'place cards' and a lovely take home gift.

For parting gifts - I love making altered paper bags; it really creates a personalized custom item that you can send your guests home with.  So, for my 'guests' I added decorated bags to each place setting.  I created the gift tags on the bags using my Cricut machine and just stamped some images onto them and added the cutest bird charms (another Michael's find) to them.  I also made paper flowers to finish the look of the bags and attached them with clothespins that had a stamped sentiment.  I took pictures of how I made the flowers and will get a tutorial posted int he next week or so - you're not going to believe how easy they are to make. 

I styled a dessert table using store-bought items from the grocery bakery and presented them on pretty stands and platters.  I also baked chocolate cupcakes and placed them into mini terracotta pots, then topped each one with a small green yarn pom pom to look like a topiary.  A few sticks of rock candy were embellished with a stamped flag and placed in a glass apothecary jar.

My overall goal in setting up the dessert table was to create as many handmade items as I could using supplies I had on hand.  I created topiaries using floral moss, styrofoam balls and branches that I spray painted brown (fyi branches cut from trees in the winter look dead......very dead) and anchored them in aluminum tins.  Each one was decorated with a small hand crafted and stamped banner.  I also created a Spring mini garland on my Cricut machine, that I hung across a birdcage wall decoration that I found on clearance a few days before my shoot!  I added a few tissue paper tassels and rosettes to finish the look.  For my backdrop, I created a banner that I made, once again, using my Cricut machine.  One other fun project was created twine eggs.  I grabbed a handful of plastic Easter eggs and wrapped them with jute twine and placed them in a fancy jar with floral moss.  Since these were items I already had on hand, this project cost me absolutely nothing. 

As tables go, there was an empty space under the table.   I really wanted to utilize that area so, I created a vignette under it with wooden crates, bulbs, baskets and garden tools.  My sweet cousin let me use an antique bird cage she owns to add to the decor.  I placed a potted primrose plant inside of it with one of my upcycled birds.  This area just made me happy and I love how it came together.

Like I said earlier, this is one of my favorite shoots and the idea of a gathering like this is perfect for a small group of girlfriends, a book club or even a tea party for little ladies.  I hope you were inspired by something you saw here!  HAPPY SPRING!

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