Tuesday, April 15, 2014

{Sweet Treats} Jelly Bean Bark

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In the midst of all the planning I have going on for Thing 1's Cupcake Party (more on that later this week) I realized that I still need to share some Easter fun.  I created the cutest Jelly Bean printables for Easter (promise to make them available before Thursday......PROMISE) and wanted to have some kind of sweet treat to go along with them.  So, I got the kids together to make Jelly Bean Bark!

The idea popped  into my head - or rather, dropped onto my head when I was digging around in my cabinet and a package of Almond Bark fell on me.  I realized I needed to use this stuff quick as I purchased it after the Xmas holiday and didn't want it to go old on me.  With Easter around the corner and a bag full of Jelly Beans sitting in my candy stash, I figured, why not make Jelly Bean Bark.  Now, I've made peppermint bark before, but really didn't know if the steps were the same, was there some magic in making Jelly Bean Bark?  Nope - it's crazy easy - I found instructions for Jelly Bean Bark here and wanted to try it for myself. 

This is such an easy treat to make all you need is Almond Bark, shortening and Jelly Beans! Follow these easy steps to make your own (I know my pictures look crappy - camera phone pics - just go with it)

We melted down the almond bark for like 1 1/2 minutes with about 2 tbsp of Crisco shortening. 

almond bark candy ideas, how to melt almond bark, almond bark jelly beans

Then we stirred a bunch of jellybeans into the mixture and poured it onto a parchment lined baking sheet.

Leftover Jelly Beans, Leftover Easter Candy, Leftover Candy, Jelly Bean Bark

Easy Easter Candy, How To Candy, Candy Ideas for Easter

We added a bunch more jellybeans and allowed them to cool in the fridge overnight (I want to let you know, I decided to do this at like 8pm last night and there was no way that my kids were getting all that sugar before bedtime.....but it really only takes about 15-20 minutes for the bark to set up in the fridge.)

Chocolate Candy Treats, Holiday Candy, Easter Ideas

Easter Candy, Homemade Candy, Jelly Bean Desserts

Once it was set, I broke the bark into chunks and put them in plastic baggies  and let the kids have their fair share for the day.  Hopefully, the other pieces I hid are still there :)

Easter Parties, Easter Egg Hunt, Jelly Bean Recipes

Easter Treats, Jelly Bean Bark, Easter Recipes

In my next post, I'll share more jelly bean fun with you (including the free printables I designed).....PROMISE!


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