Friday, April 4, 2014

{Friday Faves} Sparkle Rainbows and My Daughter

(Every first and third Friday of the month, I will share some of my favorite things - could be products I love, a cute idea or craft, a post from another blogger that I find interesting or any random thing that struck my interest.  Hopefully some of my faves will become yours too!)

Today's Faves:

Sparkle Rainbow Party by Soiree Event Design - party pal, Tonya Coleman always outdoes herself with her well crafted parties.  This week she shared a Sparkle Rainbow Party she threw for her daughter, that had a My Little Pony theme to it.  This party was SPARK-tacular!!!  (Hey when you read the post - check out those cute orange and pink top hats the little guests are wearing yeah, that's my handiwork! ;)

My other FAVORITE today happens to be celebrating her birthday!!!!  This little princess is one of my  FAVORITE people in the world - who I love with all my life and breath - my baby girl!  Today is the Mini Diva's Birthday!  Thing 1 turned 9 and I cannot believe I have a TWEEN!!!!  Whaaaaat?  I could give you endless reasons why she is my fave -but for now, I'll just send her birthday wishes and lots of love!!!!

Okay - I'll share one of the reasons she's my fave - she's crafty like her momma - she made that birthday badge for her to wear to school!!! (....gotta do a DIY on that!)


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  1. Oh I loved the top hats! You did an amazing job! Happy Birthday to your Princess! I love how she get't the craftiness from you :)


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