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{DIY Party Decor} Bow Tie Straw Toppers & Tissue Paper Tassels

Last week I showed you how I styled a retro inspired swagged out cocktail bar.  Today, I'm sharing how to re-create some of the decorative elements that were used get that look.  First, I'm sharing how to create these adorable Ribbon Bow-Tie  Straw Toppers.
Bowtie straw flag, Tutorial, cocktail party

To start, you will need to following supplies:
bowtie straw topper supplies
Step 1: Measure out your ribbon to 3" and another at .5".
Step 1 - Bowtie Straw TopperStep 2: Using hot glue or fabric glue, add adhesive to both ends of the 3" ribbon and bring each side towards the middle, slightly overlapping one end on top of the other.
Step 2 - Bowtie Straw Topper
Step 3: Once glue has dried, pinch the ribbon closed towards the center to create a pleated look.
Step 4: Wrap the .5" ribbon around the center of the pleated ribbon and adhere with glue to create a bow.  (Tip: a clothespin is helpful during this step to hold the pleated ribbon together as you glue on the center strip of the ribbon.)
Step 3_4 - Bowtie Straw TopperStep 5: Your finished bow should look like this.  Simply add to a festive paper straw and CHEERS!
Step 5 - Bowtie Straw Topper
bowtie straw topper_on straw

Another element that was used for the cocktail station was the ever popular Tissue Fringe Garland.  I also used fringed tassels to anchor the 'cocktails' banner that was used for the drinks station.  You can download the FREE cocktails banner here.  I know that there are plenty of tutorials on how to make these and there is no wrong or right way to make them.  I've come up with several different styles of making them but the way I'm going to show you today, is the easiest for me.  The key is no more than 2 sheets of thin tissue paper :)

diy tissue fringe garland, how to make tissue paper tassels, tissue tassel tutorial
Here's how to make your own tissue fringe garland.
Step 1: You will need at least 2 sheets of tissue paper, a ruler, a glue gun and scissors.
Step 2: Most tissue paper comes folded. You can use the fold line as a guide to cut your paper in half lengthwise.
Step 3: Fold both sheets together width-wise.
Step 4: Use your ruler as a guide to begin cutting paper into strips.
Tissue Fringe Garland Steps 1-4
Step 5: Cut paper into strips up to the edge of the ruler.
Step 6 - 8: Cut again centering each cut from the last and repeat until you've cut the fringes to the width you desire.  For best results each cut should be between .5"-.75".
Tissue Fringe Garland Steps 5-8
Step 9: Unfold tissue gently.
Step 10: Unfold again, gently until you can lie the tissue flat with fringe flat on both sides.
Step 11: Start rolling up the middle of the paper all the way through to the end.  You should have something similar to a fringed 'wand'.
Tissue Fringe Garland Steps 9-11
Step 12: Gently roll and twist the center section of the 'wand.
Step 13:  Bend the twisted section in half to form a loop and add hot glue.
Step 14. Seal the end of the loop to close.
Tissue Fringe Garland Steps 12-14
You can make as many fringed tassels as you'd like, find a nice sturdy string and thread through the loops and hang!
Tissue Fringe Garland Steps 15-16

finished tissue fringe garland

I hope these ideas help you to create a swagged out space for your next bash!

(This post was written by me and  originally featured on MG Party Impressions)

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