Monday, June 10, 2013

{Cupcake Monday} Happy Birthday Maurice Sendak & FREE DOWNLOAD

If you've been reading me little blog for a while you're well aware of my fondness for Maurice Sendak and his book, Where the Wild Things Are  - it's my FAVE story forevs.  That being said, we lost our beloved Mr. Sendak last year; he would have been 85 today.

To celebrate his life and gift to us, I'm doing a throwback of the Where the Wild Things Are inspired cupcakes that I made for my kids' WTWTA Halloween party a few years ago.  (I swear, there is something deep down inside of me that wants to do this theme over again.....hmmmm????)

(My Original Sketch for the cupcakes - I got mad skills yo!)

I love looking back at some of my old work - it makes me laugh - notice how my cupcakes are sweating...didn't know then that when frozen cupcakes thaw they actually sweat.  Whatevs...they turned out super cute and tasted delish!

Here's a lil' secret.....I've sorta been working on a WTWTA printable set for some time....but still not sure if it's something I really want to go forward with, for various reasons.  Since I can't reach a conclusion, I though the least I could do was share a tiny bit of it.  So, here's a wall sign from my designs for FREE DOWNLOAD.

While you're waiting on that download check out some of my fave Sendak moments, go to's and tales!

Hilarious Sendak interview with Stephen Colbert (adults only)
You have to check out today's cool Google doodle honoring Maurice Sendak!
Another favorite of mine - Really Rosie on You Tube
My Where the Wild Things Are Pinterest Board

Do you love Maurice Sendak as much as I do?  Have a favorite book by the author or have you thrown your own Where the Wild Things Are bash?  Share with us and leave a comment below!

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