Wednesday, April 3, 2013

{Party Starters} Monster High Invites with Custom Envelopes

The invites for my baby girl's party are on their way to all her besties!  I am not the biggest fan of character parties, but it's what my daughter really wants, so, what can I do?  I came up with a design and style that was INSPIRED by the Monster High skull logo for this invitation, and I must say, I just love it.  I wanted to share with you not only the final printed invites, but also the custom envelopes that I made to go along with them.

I finished the invites last week and realized I didn't want to use plain white envelopes.  I also realized that I could only find four black envelopes in my own stationery supply.  So, what's a gal to do when life hands you lemons????  She makes envelopes.  It was very easy to do....check it out:

That was all that I did - super easy right????  Oh and I made that liner using digipaper I created for the party and a template I made for another printable set.....but if you go to can get tons of envelope liner templates.  Also, did you know that the envelopes that look like the ones I made are technically called A-size envelopes - they have a square flap.  The pointed flap envelopes are called Baronial envelopes or 'bar' for short!  Just a lil' trivia for ya!

I finished each envelope with a wrap around address label and they were on their way!

I'm so excited for this party and will be sharing more projects with you over the next few days!

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