Monday, April 29, 2013

{Cupcake Monday} 5 Must-Try Cinco de Mayo Inspired Cupcake Recipes

Are you looking for something fun & festive for your Cinco de Mayo sweets table?  If you are, then I'm your gal!  I scoured and Pinterested my way through a few blogs and found a handful of delicious recipes that just made my mouth water!  I am listing 5 must-try Cinco de Mayo cupcake recipes perfect for your upcoming  fiesta!

Churro Cupcakes with Dulce de Leche sauce - Bakingdom
This girl loves her some churros.....I can pop those babies back like Benadryl on a high pollen count day so, I'm sure that these cupcakes would NOT last in my presence.

Mexican Fried Ice Cream Cupcakes - Monster Mama
OMG - tasty, crunchy, cinnamony fried ice cream made into a cupcake????  WINNER!!!!!

Dulce de Leche Caramel Swirl Cupcakes - Whipped

Sangria Cupcakes - Hoosier Homemade
Oh the fruitiness of it all.....what could be better than a cupcake made with wine and fruit??? NADA!!!!

Black Bean Avacado Chocolate Cupcakes - The Sweetest Vegan
Admittedly - I don't like Avacado, but the name of this recipe alone sounds to interesting to pass up....and it's VEGAN!

Hope you're serving up something sweet and festive for your Cinco de Mayo celebration, and if not, give one of these recipes a try - they sound muy delicioso!!!!

.....and if cupcakes aren't your thing.....try MARSHMALLOWS!!!!

My party pal Alejandra Morin of The Marshmallow Studio is coming out with a new book, "MARTshmallows"!  There are over 187 full-color pages of  all about creating tasty treats and pops with marshmallows!  The book will be available on Amazon on Aug. 1 but you can pre-order the book now for just $24.99!!!!

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