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Monday, July 23, 2012

{Cupcake Monday} Toadstool Cupcakes

Last week I shared with you some inspiration for a Woodland Party.   Well, being inspired, as I was, I came up with these too cute Toadstool cupcakes. 

I know you're dying to make them.....but you'll have to wait until Wednesday when I post about all the details from a fun Woodland Party I threw together for a few little friends!

Also, don't forget, my Bloggerversary Giveaway ends this week - be sure to enter to win some faaaaabulous prizes!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

{Thursday Inspiration} Woodland Fun

As an adult, I really appreciate where I grew up now, more than ever.  In our neighborhood, there were woods, creeks, swaps, lots of tall trees and bushes to hide in and and as kids, we always felt safe.   I guess we just didn't know any better.  I remember  getting together with my best friends during the summer and setting up makeshift tents for an outdoor camp out!  It was always so much fun.  Sometimes, we'd even sleep out overnight and look up at the stars and make wishes....we always swore we saw a shooting star.  

Well, this fond memory got me to thinking about doing something fun with my own kids in our a mom, I'd NEVER let them sleep outside in our backyard overnight, but I'm sure this crazy brain of mine can think of a way to still bring that sense of adventure to a backyard camp out by adding a little bit of fun and imagination!

My best ideas usually come from my kids and lately they have been into a new cartoon program, Gravity Falls and its got me a bit inspired for my next party project......

Can ya see where I might be going with this????

Woodland Invitations
Woodland terraniums
Woodland Fairy Houses
Woodland Cake
Woodland Dwelling
Woodland Celebration
Woodland First Birthday
Woodland Sweets Table

Hope you were inspired too- and don't forget to enter to win great prizes in our Bloggerversary giveaway!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bloggerversary Giveaway

I am crazy excited to do this giveaway.  Three years and I'm still in the blogging game - yay, me!!!!!

So, I asked a few of my blogging, designer, entrepreneurial friends to hook a sistah up and get in on a fab giveaway to celebrate my blog's anniversary and they said yes (how sweet!)  Here's the list of the vendors and the prizes!

One adorable Pink Poodle Tutu from the sweet ladies at Atutudes.  I heart this shop and these ladies are always so kind and accommodating to me!!!

Darling stone bracelet trio by Brown Sugar Designs - Mrs. Naleli Askew has been working her jewelry concierge game for a great long time and she's now branched out as a designer by opening her own Etsy shop!!!  I love stone bracelets and Brown Sugar Designs bracelets are my fave!

A lovely pair of jade and jasper earrings by Arden Jewelry Design from the super sweet Sara Pollack.  Sara  designs fine handcrafted & one of a kind pieces!

Thanks to Gini Mabry for adding in these sweet rose fondant cupcake toppers from her shop  Little Sugar Tops.  Fun fondant toppers are always a special treat - don't ya think?!

Just in time for fall - a gorgeous set of jeweled napkin rings from Sandra Garth over at Sweet Sensations blog, (Sandra has some really fancy and elegant ideas for creating a perfect tablescapes for any occasion).

Mary Kay Consultant, Dorothy Wiggins (aka my Nana) is offering a $50 Gift Certificate and loads of beauty tips and advice!

Finally, a lovely treat from my Etsy shop, Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams, A customized party - your way!  Choose your own theme and you will get handmade personalized, custom, invitations, thank you cards, cupcake toppers, party hats, favor boxes, tags, a yarn pom-pom garland, candy bar & bottle wraps! (specific terms apply) -  In addition to that you will also choose a SEPARATE printable set available in the shop for another party or occasion!

Here's the dealeeyo.....this giveaway will run starting today and end on Wednesday, July 25th.  I will choose a winner via Rafflecopter - just click all the buttons and stuff - it shouldn't take more than five minutes - for realz.....then you're all set!  A winner will be announced on Friday, July 27th - so BE SURE to check back to see if you've won

Best of luck to ya!  Now, get to winning!!!!!

(PSSST! Feel free to share this giveaway with others - add this link to your Facebook page!)

Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams Giveaway

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

{Etsy Shop} Princesses & Rockets PLUS Bloggerversary Deets

This gal has been busy, busy, busy whipping up some fun and new party items for my Etsy shop.  I'm excited to share these new printable party invitations with you today.  New in the shop today is a Princess Printable Party Kit and Rocket themed invitations for a fun outer space party.  I designed both of these a while ago and was happy to finally add them to the shop (yay!).  

I am currently working on a complete set for the rocket themed party, but was so excited about the invitation - that I couldn't wait to share! 

Soooo, my bloggerversary was last week, but with all of the holiday on-goings, I decided to wait until this week to announce it.  I've been working on this blog and my party business for about three years now - WOW THREE YEARS!!!!!  That sho' is a lot of time! 

{Here comes the self-gratuitous, 'loves me blog', rant} in the beginning, I ho-hummed along, and each year I promised I would do more blogging, add more content, be more of a 'Blogger'.  I wanted a huge blog following and to be known worldwide and all that extra stuff that I saw some other party bloggers doing.  But truth be told, over time, I learned to just do what I can and pray that folks are reading.  I am a wife, a mom, and a business owner who happens to work a full-time job.  That's a lot of party hats!  I love being able to blog and share that I love creating fabulous parties, sweet confections & decor......BUT IT IS A HELLUVALOTTA DAMN WORK!  I realized that this blog is my fun way of sharing my crazy with people who don't know me and might find humor in my humility.  I have had people say, 'Oh, I read your blog, I love it!' and I think to myself, "For realz?'  

Seriously, ya'll, I never thought this blog would even get to the place where it is now...and in my head - it's in a good place....and while there is a party (can't help it) part of me that really would like to see it blow up (in a good way), I'm happy with how things are.....of course, I still dream of more, but I'll take what I have for now, cause I might be crazy but I'm not CA-RAZEE.  I thank all of you for reading and following along, I especially want thank my husband and my babies for understanding that I'm serious about my business, and I thank my mama and my grandma Dottie and besties for always reading ;) --  it means a lot and I hope to keep it going for as long as I can.  That being said.....LET'S PARTY!

I asked a couple of my party friends if they'd be so inclined as to participate in a huge giveaway this week to celebrate my bloggerversary.....and they said SHO'!  So, please check back in tomorrow to find out all the deets on who's hopping in on the bloggerversary party train and to enter to win some fab-tastic prizes!  It's good stuff, ya'll!!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

{July 4th Ideas} Patriotic Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

I'd been really wanting to make ice cream cone cupcakes for a while.  I remember watching a Paula Deen episode once, where she made these for a birthday party and while I don't remember much about the cake recipe she used, I just followed the steps she used to bake them.

Here's my very un-scientific approach on how to make them:

Patriotic Cupcake Cones

24 Flat bottom ice cream cones
Aluminum foil
Your favorite cake recipe
sprinkles & frosting :)

Making them, my way:
1. Wrap 24 flat bottom ice cream cones with foil and place in a cupcake pan.

2. Fill each cone about 2/3 full with your favorite cake batter - I used a white cake recipe by Wilton and added red and blue sprinkles to make confetti cake.

3. Bake at 350 degrees for 12-18 minutes depending on your oven.  Remove from oven and allow to cool in the pan.

4. Find some funky red and blue colored frosting (I found mine at Aldi----straight out of the can) and using a star piping tip (I used a 1M size - you can use whatever size makes you happy) pipe frosting onto the cupcake in a swirl. I let my kids add it to their cupcakes because I love them and and they bugged me enough that I gave in.  Oh - add some red, white & blue star shaped sprinkles for fun.

They also remind me of Lady Liberty torches......sorta!

Have a Happy July 4th holiday, stay safe, eat well and enjoy!

(P.S.  I have a nice mention about my July 4th printables which are now on sale in the Etsy shop for $5 - order some now - cause come tomorrow it's margaritas aaaaalll day, baby!)

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