Friday, March 2, 2012

{Friday Freebie} Giveaway & Oscar Party Recap

Happy Friday!

 Business first - the winner of the swag bag is - dah-dah-dah-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!! 


Rusthawk wrote...
Best movie: The Descendents
Best Actress: Maryl Streep
Best Actor: Clooney

Two out of three ain't bad and you didn't have to guess right to win - ya just had to guess :) Rusthawk - please check your inbox for details!

Thanks to LaBelle Parties and Alison Lawson Cakes for participating in the giveaway!

On to the party recap...... I have no recap because there was no party!!!

I ended up cancelling my little soiree because my baby girl got sick with Norovirus. Poor child! She complained the whole day that her stomach hurt and about five minutes before the party she blew chunks and that went on for the next 24 hours. I had to turn people away at the door. I felt so bad for my little girl. She's a trooper though, she got through it. However, it wasn't long after she got sick that her little brother followed suit. So, I spent the next two following days cleaning up 'liquid expulsions', re-hydrating,  getting fevers to go down, blowing up 'feel better' balloons and watching non-stop episodes of Curious George and Madeline, then  Diary of a Whimpy Kid and the Yogi Bear movie.  Two sick kids and one tired mommy - and I'm still not sure I recuperated.  Something was definitely going around because two of my best gals came down with the same thing.....ew.

As it goes, I have a few goodies that I was going to give away as a prize for one of the games I planned for the party. If you're a movie buff, you'll love this! $25 Regal Theaters Movie Gift Card & Popcorn Kit!

To win the prize you MUST become OR be a follower of my blog and Pin any Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams party photo that is on my blog onto one of your Pinterest boards.  Leave a comment on this post with a link to the board so I can check the photo. If you don't have a Pinterest account then you must 'Like' the Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams Facebook page and leave a comment under today's update.  Contest ends Thursday, March 8th and the winner will be announced on March 9th

Good luck!!!!


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