Monday, March 26, 2012

{Cupcake Monday} Easter Egg Nests

I'm still loving these cupcake pedestals I created! Look at how I used them for my recent Easter display.

These Easter Egg nests were another dollar store bargain.  These would look great on a mantle or Easter vignette on a entryway side table in your home.

You just need to use my tutorial to create the pedestals.  Purchase floral moss and plastic eggs to create your nests.  I just formed the moss into a nest shape and placed a plastic egg filled with jelly beans on top of each nest.  You can also paint the eggs to look like bird eggs for a more natural look!  I was tempted to put cupcakes on the nests, but thought the eggs to be more appropriate for the look I was going for.

While they're not as sophisticated as these Grandin Road nests, I think they're just as decorative!\

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