Wednesday, February 15, 2012

{Whatever Wednesday} PSMIYO Sundry Challenge

Last week I entered the PSMIYO Sundry Challenge where the participants had to take five sundry items found around the house (brown rice, lemons, chocolate, toilet paper and candles) and set up a romantic evening tablescape.  Although I didn't win,  :\ I did have fun setting this 'table' up.  In any case, I wanted to share the photos with you.

There are tons of candles in my house and I wanted to use the lemons to dress them up.  I hot glued dried lemons around a pillar candle, I created a paper rosette and added a glitter heart sticker, another dried lemon slice and a blingy heart for a candle in a jar.  I created the lemon candle holders by hollowing out a lemon and added a tea light candle.  Then placed them on glass candle holders with ribbon.  For a bit of sparkle and bling, I added a glitter heart using double-sided tape and MS Garnet glitter.

 The banner was made using letters I cut from patterned paper and attached to a ribbon to create the garland. The topiary centerpieces were re-purposed from my Princess and the Frog parties and to stick to rules of the challenge I added dried lemon rounds to the base.  

I had no idea what to do with the toilet paper and eventually came up with roses.  I used Uncle Ben's brown rice to anchor the toilet paper roses and hot glued the buds to stripey straws.  The other boxes, place mats, cut out glitter sentiment were all from my party stash and were dollar finds at Target and The Christmas Tree Shops.  

For the chocolate element I placed a Hershey's Chocolate bar wrapped with scrapbook paper, a heart doily, a glitter heart sticker and ribbon on the dinner plate to finish everything off!

Check out the winner's tablescape at PSMIYO - it's really fabulous!

{Today's Black History Fact}

New Jersey begins to abolish slavery
February 15, 1804
The New Jersey Legislature approved a law calling for "gradual" emancipation of African Americans. In so doing, New Jersey became the last Northern state to outlaw slavery. 



  1. @Modern Frills - it was a lot of fun....I was sort of under the gun to finish it, I was really busy with other projects and orders and sickly folks all around me! LOL

  2. You did great Keisha especially with so many other projects. Hope you do it again!

  3. Love the embellished lemons! Such a fun and unexpected element!


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