Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bugs & Kisses Sneak Peek

Man, I am tired - beat - exhausted!  I was up working on a few fancy favors and a little decor for my daughter's Bugs & Kisses Valentine's Day Party.

I found this at Dollar Tree....

They have a lot of Easter stuff out right now and it was meant to be used for Easter eggs.  I thought that it would make a cute accent piece for one of my tablescapes so, I hearted it up.  These are foam stickers, stuck back to back, hole punched, strung with ribbon and hung from the branches! 

 I also created some fancy milk carton favors that I'll give to the girls as take-aways.

I showed them to my daughter this morning and she told me they were really nice and she can't wait for her play date (which is what we're calling it right now because the word party makes her talk non-stop about it for days on end, and I just can't take it).

Even though I am going to be up all kinds of hours this week, I gotta admit - I'm with the kid - I can't wait either!!!

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