Thursday, May 20, 2010

Party Recaps: Superman and Another Princess and The Frog Themed Party

Let me just say that I've been trying to access my blog for two whole days with little success - until now.  I am so excited to share the photos from the last two parties I did --- and the fact that my lovely husband got me a new camera for Mother's Day!!!!!  FINALLY!  LOL.  It's not a Nikon D60 like I was campaigning for, but considering we'd need a bailout for that purchase, I'll be content with my wonderful present - plus, it beats that hot mess of a camera I had before.  I got a cute Kodak EZ Share Z915 - and it has a button on it that will upload my pictures straight to Facebook and my picture gallery - but I don't know how to exactly do that yet - I just think it is too cool. 

So, onto business, two weekends ago I created a handful of items for a Superman themed party for an adorable 7 year old.  In addition, I made a full sheet cake for the party - which was  fun for me since I typically stick to cupcakes.  Here are photos from that party:

Door sign

Circle banner – love doing these!
Found simple paper bags and added tags and labels to them for guests to take home goodies.
Someone with little hands, I’m sure,  got to my party table before a  good picture was taken :(

I made a centerpiece from a plastic container, balloon weights, a Mylar balloon and some foil sizzle and just added custom tags and stars!

Custom party hat and you can’t see them so good in the pail, but I made napkin rings as well.

Here is the cake I made for the party – it was a confetti cake with vanilla buttercream frosting! 

So, about a month ago, I received a call from a super nice mom who read about my daughter’s The Princess and The Frog themed party and was looking for a planner to coordinate a birthday party for her twin girls because they love Princess Tiana.  So she and I sat down and exchanged ideas and I coordinated a custom party for her lovely little Princesses.  Here are some photos from that party:

Princess Tiana cake topper that was used for decoration for a cupcake stand.


We set up a dress up area for the girls.  The boys wore gold crowns and purple satin capes that I got from Sew Plain Jane who I found on Etsy – Dawn was awesome to work with and her items are really adorable – check her out when you have a chance!


The accessories table – tiaras, necklaces and rings were available for the girls to make them feel extra special.


Fancy little shoes to complete their looks!

Table settings – I created tissue paper topiaries for the centerpieces

I topped each topiary with a glitter Monogram for the girls’ names and added a crown and butterflies

Here is the birthday banner – we had a time trying to get this hung - it was windy, the banner was long and I’d never made one with more than one name!  LOL

Door sign!

Girls created picture frame castles for their craft activity and the  boys made mosaic frogs – but let me note that the frog project was a bit complex for excited four year old boys to complete – so no pictures of the frogs!  LOL

There was a prize basket for the girls to choose from….

….and one for the boys!

Here are the birthday girls on the left and in the center greeting our Princess Tiana (you know how I feel about showing faces - sorry - they're very adorable, however)

One of our prince’s playing Pin the kiss on the frog game.

Here are some custom party hats and treats the kids took home. Girls got satin purses filled with hair accessories, lip gloss, ring pops, The Princess and The Frog mini sticker albums, swirly pops and marshmallow poles.  We filled customized gable boxes with swirly pops, marshmallow poles, Hershey kisses, a frog paddle ball game, and noisemakers for the boys.

I created Lily Pad cupcakes and topped them with custom toppers!
So after having done 3 parties back to back, this Do-It-All Party Diva is partied out – for now!  I’ll be working on some items in the next few weeks to put on Etsy – because I’ve been saying for the longest that I need my own shop.  Time to get to work!!!  I will keep you updated on that project in the next few posts!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Caterpillar Party Recap

Last weekend we celebrated the 2nd birthday of our Little Guy, Adam.  I chose a caterpillar theme because he eats through everything – just like the beloved little bug in The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  I wanted to do a twist on that story, by using lots of bright colors found in the book and using them to set the scene for the party. 

I promised myself that I wasn’t going to do too much for this party because I’d just finished Princesspalooza for my daughter and figured that since he was 2, too much would be too much.  In any case, I was really happy with how everything turned out and my little guy  had a blast!!!

Here are some photos:

We set up a table for gifts, party hats, favors and ‘Buggy Punch’!

 caterpillar party 001 caterpillar party 002

Party Hats!

caterpillar party 003

This is the party crown for the birthday boy and some of the goody bags.

caterpillar party 004

Here’s the invitation that we sent out – Etsy….Etsy….

caterpillar party 005

I made the bag holders & tags with my Cricut and glued festive party bags to them and filled them with lots of candy and fun party favors.

caterpillar party 006 caterpillar party 007

Place settings at the party table where the kids snacked on hot dogs, fruit salad & ‘Butterflies’ (Farfalle Pasta Salad).  I found the birthday plates and napkins at the dollar store – they worked so well with my color scheme that ended up not using the original plates I was going to use.

caterpillar party 008

I customized party horns I found at the dollar store to match the rest of the decor.

caterpillar party 009

caterpillar party 010

I purchased butterfly nets from The Christmas Tree Shoppes to use for a fun game.

caterpillar party 011

caterpillar party 012


caterpillar party 015 caterpillar party 016 caterpillar party 017


For the most part the kids played on the moon bounce and playset – but we also played ‘Butterfly Catch’ which was a hit.  I made butterflies out of tissue paper and had the kids catch them in the butterfly nets….most of them ended up on the grass, LOL!


I made chocolate cupcakes with Swiss Meringue Buttercream Frosting (sinful).  This was my attempt to recreate the caterpillar from the invitations!


Okay, so, I forgot the little feet….but who cares because……






Just a little side note:  I got an email from CSN stores to do a review of some of their stores with a chance to do a possible giveaway – they have over 200 stores with everything from furniture, track lighting, baby items and probably my favorite – cookware.  I will let you know what I find and what the quality of the products and service is.  Check them out if you haven’t already heard of them!

Also, check back next week to see photos from the Super Man themed birthday party I’m doing this weekend!

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