Friday, October 8, 2010

Roller Disco and Down the Bayou Sneak Peeks

I am always humbled, shocked and elated when I get emails from readers who contact me and write how much they enjoy reading my blog.  So, when they ask me to help them plan parties for their kids - but they live miles away from me OR in one case, overseas - I just cannot resist and absolutely honored to work with them.

For the last few weeks I have been working with two separate online clients to design custom invites and decorations for their daughter's upcoming parties this month. 

Here is a sample of the collection I did for one of my clients.  Her daughter is going to have a Roller Disco Skate Party - how fun! 

I went with fun bright colors and tried to create a retro feel while still keeping a contemporary look.  I also made a centerpiece for the birthday girl's table - but forgot to take pictures before I mailed it (dang).  I made up signs for the individual guest tables with 70's themed words to identify where people would sit, like 'Way Cool Cats', 'Platform Players', 'Disco Ballers' and 'Foxy Mamas'!

I had another client who reached out to me from overseas back in June after she came across pictures from my daughter's Princess and The Frog party and this other princess party that I did.  However, she put a cool spin on the idea and choose to do a Bayou theme with a touch of elegance.  After corresponding over the course of five months we are finally finished with all the details.  Here is a look at what we came up with:

BTW - I created that damask pattern myself - using PowerPoint, of course and I also did the other patterns.  That damask pattern was a bitch - but I gotterdone!  I am really considering doing some type of video tutorial on creating graphics using PowerPoint - I don't see that many out there and I have had to learn so much by trial and error.  I will put that in my ideas to bank on file.

Overall, both parties and clients have been such fun to work with; I cannot wait to see pictures of how everything turns out!

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