Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Freebie! Diamond Necklace Mother's Day Giveaway from DRZ Jewlelers!!!!!


I'm super busy today cranking out cupcakes for clients, for teachers and for my little man's caterpillar party tomorrow, but I must let you all in on a great giveaway that is going on.

Today's Friday Freebie is being held by a partner and client of mine.  DRZ Jewelers and Quintessential Consulting have partnered up to do a Mother's Day Giveaway

If you love diamonds, this is definitely for you - and who doesn't love diamonds?  I worked with Naleli Askew of Quintessential Consulting and DRZ Jewelers last year for their Baubles and Bubbles event and wanted to make sure that my readers got in on the giveaway action!  Plus I promised Naleli I'd blog about it ;)

DRZ Jewelers is located in Washington DC and they have the most unique bling'd out pieces I've ever seen.  In fact I'll be going there today to drop off some delicious Mimosa cupcakes!  If you live in the DC area or are ever in town, please stop by DRZ Jewelers to check out their beautiful jewelry.  If you're not sure what to look for in quality, contact Naleli - she has worked in the jewelry industry for over ten years and has a keen eye for quality and style!

Click here for more details on the Mother's Day Giveaway!

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