Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Inspiration: Superman Party

Okay, so I'm hired to do a party and I immediately start to shrink into a small girl, in a blue dress, who just drank some mystical juju when I find out that the birthday boy wants a Superman themed party - and you know, I HATE CHARACTER THEME PARTIES. .  (Why God, Why?????  Didn't I just convince my own child it wasn't necessary to buy a whole kit 'n kaboodle of Princess Tiana party products?  Why now do I have to succumb to the dreaded character themed birthday party AGAIN!!!!)....and scene. 

Well, having to do another character party gave me another challenge.  How can I take this theme and make it into something not so....themey.  I am currently doing that with my daughter's party.  I designed a Tianna-like princess for her invitations, purchased a limited amount of character products and kept within the color scheme for the rest of the party.  If I did that for her, I can certainly do it for another child.  So, I searched online, and came up an inspiration board for his party!

Photo Credits:
Happy Birthday Banner, Cake & Bubbles; balloonsSuper Hero Capes; Star Bunting; Popcorn; Stars; Lollipop Bouquets; Cape Craft; Superman Logo; Cake Box Favors

I always get excited once my inspiration boards are completed.  It makes me want to get to workin'!  So, I might fuss and grumble at the concept of a character party, but I know that I can still create a unique party for a special birthday boy or girl!

REMINDER!!!!  This week's giveaway for a custom Princess and The Frog themed party collection ends tonight at 11:59 pm.  Click here for details on how to enter.  Also, tomorrow's post will be either delayed or postponed due to a personal matter that needs some attention.  In the event that I'm unable to post tomorrow, the Friday Freebie will be posted on SATURDAY and I can tell you, it's a GOOD ONE.  You don't want to miss it.  Please check back to see what the big giveaway will be!

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