Sunday, March 28, 2010

More Princess and The Frog Sneak Peek, Early Giveaway and the Friday Freebie Winner

The Winner of the Princess and The Frog Party Pack is.....

Congratulations Stevie! Please be sure to contact me within 72 hours of this post to receive your prize!!!

Okay, okay - I know I said I'd announce the party pack winner and the next giveaway on Saturday and now it's after 11 PM on a Sunday.  Well, amongst other things, I have been so focused on getting things together for, what I know call "Princesspalooza" that I forgot to post....sorry, my bad.

In any case, while I was out this weekend picking up items for Princesspalooza I went to one of my FAVORITE stores EVER, The Christmas Tree Shops!  I know what you're thinking....what do Christmas trees have to do with parties?  Well, it's actually a bargain store with just about everything you can imagine. There are seasonal items, party items, toys, food, houswares & toiletries!  They have a bit of everything.  They recently opened a store near me and that just makes my day.  I'd only shopped at the one in CT - but I guess the stores are expanding.  If you have one near you - GO!  While I was there I got all of this!

I actually got more than what is here - but I got everything for under $100 before taxes!!!!  I LOVE CHRISTMAS TREE SHOPS.

Since I didn't get to post the giveaway winner until today and since I most likely won't be able to post a giveaway this Friday (due to Princesspalooza) and I didn't do this week's giveaway, here's what I'm going to do....for Easter I thought a great idea for a party would be an Easter Egg Decorating party. You know, invite a few kids over, get the eggs out on the table, and decorate!  Now, given Princesspalooza is the day before Easter, I'm certainly not getting into all of that.  What I can do though is give away a pack of goodies to get the party started for one of my followers!  Here is what you'll get:

Giveaway has ended!

You will receive:
- Classic Egg Dyeing Kit
- Sticker Book
- Martha Stewart Egg Dress Up Kit
- Foam Door Hangers Kit
- Marshmallow Egg Candies
- Glitter Pens
(Prize Pack does not include, basket, grass or accessories - sorry)

....and because Easter is right around the corner, the contest will end on 11:59 AM on Tuesday, March 30.  To enter you have to do the following:
- Be a follower of my blog or become a follower
- Leave a comment why you want to win

- Post a link about the contest on your blog or Facebook page
(be sure to send a link back in your comment to verify your post)

Good luck!

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