Monday, March 8, 2010

‘Cupcake Monday’, Oscar Bash ‘Recap’ and Princess and the Frog Sneak Peek

It’s 'Cupcake Monday' and this weekend I made one cupcake two different ways.  I tested an Orange Buttermilk Cupcake recipe that a coworker gave to me, which she found in a local paper.  I made some adjustments and added my own spin on it….here’s what I got:

Orange Creme Cupcakes_2

Orange Creme Cupcakes
They came out soooo good and tasted super delicious!  After I made these, I wanted to try and do a cupcake for the Easter Holiday.  After toying with a few ideas, I finally came up with this:

Blue Extreme Close Up Easter Basket Cupcakes_10
It’s a candy Easter Basket….
Blue Close Up Easter Basket Cupcakes

I like to call these babies, ‘Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket’ Cupcakes.  I put so many jellybeans in the ‘baskets’ that they kept spilling out!  That’s how I came up with the name -  Ha-ha!  Can you guess what the baskets are made out of?

Yellow Close Up Easter Basket Cupcakes
Rainbow Easter Basket Cupcakes _2
Rainbow_Easter Basket Cupcakes _3
Rainbow_Easter Basket Cupcakes_1
How cute are they though?

I might pull a Bakerella on you and show you the step by step instructions just in time for Easter.  Actually, I did take pictures as I was making them, but my fingers looked all gnarly from lack of manicures and frankly, I wasn’t ready to give you all that much of me yet ;)

So, onto other things… my so called Oscar Bash.  Wanna see how it went…….?????

My Oscar Night
(Crickets chirping in the background…)  IT WAS A TOTAL BUST!  LOL!

That’s me in my PJ’s, on my bed, a glass of Ballatore, a bowl of popcorn, my Oscar Bingo & Ballot, and a pile of laundry to fold.  Hey, sometimes it happens.  It seems that things came up and some people just couldn’t make it at the last minute.  So, I decided to make it a party of one – and I still had a good time and guessed 13 winners from the top awards (does anyone really know what sound mixing is?).

Okay, so I’ve been staying up many a late night working on The Little Diva’s Princess and The Frog party.  Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in the works:



The Little Diva came down while I was snapping these pictures and started giving me a bunch of suggestions as what to do with everything.  A little party planner in the making – so cute!  I’ll post more as things come together.

Don’t forget to enter to win this week’s Friday Freebie and check back tomorrow for a party planning tip!

Photo Credit: Twizzlers

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