Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Freebie, Giant Marshmallows and the Winner is.....

YEAHHH!!!! Congratulations!!!
Congratulations on your win!!!  Be sure to contact me via email within 72 hours to recieve your prize!  (BTW - my favorite cupcake flavor is chocolate with chocolate buttercream).

Okay, so a few weeks back Vanessa, from A Fanciful Twist, one of the blogs I heart, posted this about her love for candy and for her mama!  Well, get this - she's got pics of these GIGANTE marshmallows on there and The Mini Diva looooooves marshmallows. 

So, I emailed Vanessa to ask where she bought them because I've never seen giant marshmallows.  Here's the thing, Miss Vanessa lives in Arizona and I found out they were not readily available in my area.  I even looked up the company and emailed them too - but no response.  My giant marshmallow search was halted.....until (bless her sweet little magical heart), a few days later she emailed me back and said she was sending some in the mail!  I was so moved by her generousity - it really touched me.  Plus I knew the Mini Diva would be so happy.

So, you can only imagine my excitement when the mail dude dropped this off:

....a squishy package that smelled like sugar heaven!

She even included a little note card from her Mad Tea Party collection!

And look at the happiness!!!

I looove my munchkins!

If you haven't ever been over to Vanessa's blog - A Fanciful Twist - please check it out.  It's on the top of my blog feed and each time I go there it makes me happy.  Not only do you get to delve into her world of whimsy, cheer and magic - but you get to see her amazing creativity and artistry.  Truly, it's a little dollop of instant giggle!

I've got another Friday Freebie for ya!  I collected a few items from Michael's earlier for my daughter's birthday party (coming up in April) when I came across this:

This here is the whole cupcake kit and kaboodle - literally.  It has everything anybunny (tee-hee) would need to make fun & delicious cupcakes for Easter.  I would keep them for myself, but I'm a bit of a ready-made cake mix snob.  Hey!  I like to make my confections from scratch, man!  But why let that stop me from sharing some cupcake love with my fabulous readers.

So, here's how you can enter to win.

  1. You must follow my blog or sign up to follow.
  2. Post a comment here about why you would like to win today's giveaway.

Double Entries EACH when you:
  • Post a link about the contest on your blog, Facebook OR Twitter Pages (make sure you let me know when you do this).
  • Leave a comment AND become a fan on the Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams Facebook page. 
  • Follow me on Twitter AND tweet #CWBD Cupcake Kit Giveaway. 

The giveaway ends on Wednesday, March 10 at 11:59 PM.  A winner will be chosen at random and announced on Friday, March 12th.  The winner has 72 hours after being announced to contact me or they forfeit their prize.  If a prize is forfeited, there will be another random drawing where a new winner is announced.

Thanks and GOOD LUCK!

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